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May 7, 2015

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Our boss Ron Lindsay takes to HuffPo to weigh the relative morality of capital punishment versus life in maximum security prisons:

Because of the unacceptably high possibility of an erroneous conviction, I am a reluctant opponent of the death penalty. Reluctant, because some murderers undoubtedly deserve to die. But for me at least, it is no consolation to be told these murderers will be locked away in isolation for decades. Except for the extremely rare Hannibal Lecters of the world, there’s no possible rationale or justification for supermax facilities. They are vehicles for prolonged psychological torture. 

Ensaf Haidar asks the Saudi royal family for amnesty for her husband Raif Badawi, on the first anniversary of his sentencing. 

This is nuts: A former police marshal from the Utah-Arizona border confesses that the towns of Colorado City and Hilldale were “theocracies” run by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Brian Pellot wants YOU to get RICH through intolerance. Here are his easy steps to “hatemonger gold”!

Terry Jones could have cried persecution and made a pretty penny after police thwarted his plan to burn nearly 3,000 Qurans in 2013. Now he sells french fries. What went wrong? Jones failed to properly monetize his intolerance.

The Vatican declares the Pamela Geller draw-Muhammed event “blasphemous.” I’m with Hemant on this, that [gulp] Megyn Kelly is right here

Meet the Qu’osby family on Halal in the Family, and dig Aasif Mandvi’s sweaters. 

Steven Salzberg (a speaker at Reason for Change) reports that not only does the MMR vaccine not cause autism (duh), it may even reduce the risk!

The source of mysterious signals picked up by Australian space telescopes is revealed, and the call was coming from inside the house!

WaPo helps with something every reader of this blog will be dying to know: How to pray.

Chipotle’s decision to nix GMOs is being widely regarded as silly

Vitamin supplements linked to an increased risk of cancer. Oh goddammit. 

Dog-bites-man headline of the day: “Antiscience legislation in Alabama” 

Atheists scare believers because we apparently remind them that there probably is no afterlife

Turns out a lot of the things we take for granted about “old time religion” can be traced to Quaker Oats

Cindy Jacobs can use the power of Jesus to turn metal into bone. Call Rumpelstilskin!  

Quote of the Day:

Charlie Hebdo is honored in New York by the PEN American Center. Their editor-in-chief Gerard Biard said:

They don’t want us to write and draw. We must write and draw. They don’t want us to think and laugh. We must think and laugh. They don’t want us to debate. We must debate. 

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