May 9, 2018


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Susan Gerbic interviews political scientist Joseph Uscinski in the run-up to CSICon 2018, who says, “Conspiracy theories are in many ways a battle between insiders and outsiders over truth.”

Speaking of which, conspiracy theories are now bubbling around the left about the assault allegations against New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, which Gaby Del Valle at The Outline says is “indicative of a larger pattern of #resistance liberals prioritizing politics over real women’s lives.”

With the advent of the Congressional Freethought Caucus, WNYC News looks at how, despite a high concentration of “nones,” none of NYC’s citywide elected officials are nonbelievers

Julia Belluz at Vox talks to former CDC director William H. Foege about the battle against smallpox and the importance of vaccines. 

Two years ago, Professor Rezaul Karim Siddique was one of those murdered by Islamic radicals in Bangladesh. Two of those responsible will be hanged

In a survey of newspaper editors at Christian colleges, more than three quarters report facing pressure or overt censorship from their respective universities. 

A group called Speech First is suing the University of Michigan over its policies on harassment and bullying, saying that the policies violate the free speech rights of conservatives. 

Airline services corporation Aviation Port Services is sued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for firing Muslim women employees who wished to wear long skirts on the job.

A group of Islamic leaders in Kenya speaks out against female genital mutilation: “From the source of Islam … we do not find anything that permits it.”

A paramedics company is going to start using essential oils to treat pain. WHAT? 

Hey guys! The American Bible Society did a State of the Bible report and it shows that the Bible is really great! 139% of Bibles agree! 

Forget Pepto, try Hypno! Apparently, when your guts are churning in agony (see: days ending in “Y”), some medical professionals consider hypnosis a legitimate treatment

Quote of the Day

Greg Epstein, who is now the Humanist chaplain at MIT, which I have to assume is the greatest possible job in the world:

Increasingly, young people on campus want to create collaborative technology [so] that people can have a fair opportunity in life and human beings can help one another to achieve a better of life than we’ve ever had before. I think that people are hungry for conversations about what that could look like [and] what that could mean because human beings have never had this responsibility before to transform our collective lives for the better. … There are structures in our world, in our technology, in our industry that set the world up to be to the advantage of some and to the disadvantage of some. People are going to rise up in the 21st century and demand a more ethical set of business practices. Young people today are not going to accept the kind of unjust technology and unjust innovation that we’ve had too much of in the past.

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