Those Who Remained Groaned and Gasped

June 14, 2017

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Holy freaking crap some guy started shooting at GOP Members of Congress at their baseball practice, wounding House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise, and likely others. 

The organizers of the Sandy Hook Promise Champions Gala have dropped Megyn Kelly as the event’s host due to her upcoming interview with Alex Jones. 

51% of Canadians, according to an Ipsos poll, believe that religion does more harm than good. First they get a groovy progressive prime minister, then they abolish their blasphemy law, and now this? It’s like they’re taunting us with their enlightenment.

Rick Perry, who for some reason is the Energy Secretary, used to think the U.S. should be part of the Paris climate accord. Now, of course, he doesn’t. Rex Tillerson, on the other hand, seems to have remained in support of Paris

The right-wing, science-denying Heartland Institute is sending thousands of teachers copies of a book, DVD, and study guide called Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming

As the Ohio state legislature debated SB 145, a bill that more or less criminalizes abortion after the second trimester, a group of women came into the statehouse to silently protest, dressed as Atwood-ian “handmaids.” What a sight. Wow.

Stuart Vyse explains how the unethical practice of “p-hacking” in psychological research, along with the reaction to the parapsychology of Daryl Bem, spurred the field to tighten up its standards.

Dan Hummel at Religion & Politics looks at the movement of Christian Zionists and their strange relationship with their Jewish counterparts:

Conservative mainliners and evangelicals have trouble reconciling their mostly conservative political and cultural values (and the theology that underpins them) with American Jews’ liberalism. At the same time, many Jews question Christian Zionist motives, suspecting they are either hoping for conversions or believe the Jews will meet a grisly end as a fulfillment of prophecy. 

Political scientist and battalion professor(!) Daniel Mark is elected to head the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.

Miami now has a $305 million science museum! Yaaaay! But its primary benefactor is a climate change denier. Boooooo we can’t have nice things.  

Quote of the Day:

Maureen Callahan attends Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop summit-convention-sales pitch thing (tickets between $500 and $1500), and I swear it sounds like some kind of Boschian hellscape horror nightmare. Just as one grotesque example of what was featured:

Next up was “The 10-Minute Facelift with Dr. Julius Few,” a room-clearing demonstration in which Few sliced holes in a volunteer’s face. After explaining that his patient was under a local anesthetic, he pushed a threaded needle through his volunteer’s left cheekbone to her lower jaw, then reversed course while tugging tight.

Those who remained groaned and gasped. The doctor was unfazed.

“I do think Gwyneth and I are alike, in that we think the best things in life are simplest,” he said, dabbing up the wounds. “This procedure starts at $3,500 and lasts two to three years.” Few’s quick addendum: Blindness is a potential side effect.

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