A Pinch, if Not a Dash

June 16, 2017

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They got him. Lyle Jeffs of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and brother of incarcerated leader (and child rapist) Warren Jeffs, has been found and arrested in South Dakota. He escaped custody last year as he faced conspiracy charges for money laundering.  

They possibly got him: Russia says it might have killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in an air strike…two weeks ago…but they’re not certain. Obviously, you’ll want to take all of this with not just a grain but at least a pinch of salt, if not a dash. Our own military has not confirmed this.

Alex Jones promises to scoop his own Megyn Kelly interview by airing it unedited on his own show. Sandy Hook families are lawyering up against NBC. 

Olivia Solon at The Guardian reports that Facebook inadvertently exposed the identities of group moderators whose job includes removing terrorists’ propaganda. 

Catholic school students in Ontario may now freely opt out of religion classes.  

Neil deGrasse Tyson is Kickstarting a video game about space travel and colonization: Space Odyssey.  

Meanwhile, Elon Musk is outlining his ideas for actual space travel and colonization, specifically for Mars. 

A chunk of the West Antarctic the size of Texas is melting away. Mars is sounding better all the time.

Unsurprisingly, the Energy Department, run by Cowboy Oops, is closing its office that works on clean-energy and climate change outside the U.S.

Craig Venter has a machine intended to “print” organisms using the chemicals that comprise DNA. 

At the Southern Baptist Convention’s huge meeting of delegates, SBC president Steve Gaines tells everyone to do more evangelizing in order to head off the decline in membership. That’ll do it. 

Robyn Dixon at the LA Times reports on the horrific plight of people with albinism in parts of eastern and southern Africa, the victims of superstitions about the value of their body parts in witchcraft. Imagine the terror:

The latest apparent victim was a 9-year-old Malawian boy named Mayeso Isaac, who was traveling to visit relatives late last month when he was attacked and abducted by a gang of 10 men. He has not been seen since and it is feared he was killed for his body parts. It was part of a familiar pattern. 

India’s Sadhvi Saraswati, a Hindu extremist, asks the government to hang anyone who eats beef, and encourages Hindus to stockpile weapons.

Quote of the Day:

I very much sympathize with John Moltz’s television viewing issues

Me: Any good show suggestions?

Friends: The rapey one is great. Also the one where everyone is horrible.

Me: OK thx. [rewatches Star Trek]


Friends: This one is really good. A dog is murdered in the first 15 minutes of the first episode.

Me: How are we friends again? I forget. 

* * * 

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