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June 23, 2015


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We couldn’t wait to get this out to you: Richard Dawkins sat down with Josh Zepps for a live-audience edition of Point of Inquiry at Reason for Change, and we’ve got the episode up now

Also in podcast news, President Obama goes to Marc Maron’s garage for WTF, and the president calls his mom “the last great secular humanist” (hmm), and declares, “I believe in reason. I believe in facts.” 

Media Matters talks to New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan about the skeptics vs. deniers discussion, citing the statement by the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry which spawned this discussion. 

Rick Santorum isn’t the only one who thinks the Charleston massacre was an attack on “religious freedom.” Enter the Deseret News editorial board:

Even if the murderer had racial hatred as his primary motive, his choice to attack a sanctuary of worship puts this crime in a similar category to attacks on worshippers — often coincidentally identified by race — worldwide. … It’s time for Americans to reawaken to the dangers of a rising secularism that would limit religious expression.  

“Even if”? “Coincidentally identified by race”? “Dangers of a rising secularism”? What world are they living in??

Justin Gillis at the Times looks at how various faiths are taking on climate change and its effect on the poor. 

UK court holds the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society liable for a Jehovah’s Witness congregation’s failure to address instances of child sexual abuse

Ben Radford looks at how the escaped convicts in Western New York (where CFI HQ is) illustrate the many problems of eyewitness reports.

Speaking of crummy eyewitness reports, Bangor Daily News lists Bigfoot sightings in Maine over the past century or so. (I haven’t seen one, but I try not to leave the house.)

At Skeptical Inquirer Ben deals with falling frogs.

Saudi comedian Nasser Al Qasabi is getting death threats for his television satire poking fun at ISIS.

Zoroastrians in Kurdistan: Don’t name diapers after our holy scripture.

I’ll take “Things Only David Brooks Would Put in an Op-ed” for $1000, Alex: “Within marriage, lust can lead to childbearing.” 

If these (cliff) walls could talk

Quote of the Day:

North Korea, which has cured AIDS, Ebola, and cancer. And wrinkles:

The researchers insert rare earth elements (REE) into insam (gingseng) by applying the mico-elementary fertilizers of REE to the fields of insam. The injection is made of extracts from those complex compounds. As a strong-immuno-activator, the injection has been recognized to prevent different malignant epidemics.

Siobhan Fenton at the Independent reminds us:

The dictatorship is known for making outlandish claims about its own prowess. The state claims that Kim Jong Il invented the hamburger and had magical powers which meant he did not need to use the toilet. 

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