Amplitude of Primordial Density Fluctuations

June 26, 2015

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Hey look! CNN asked me to write about new poll numbers showing some positive trends for the electorate’s attitude toward atheists. So I did! I said, in part:

As for being the least-electable group in the survey, nonbelievers have finally moved up a rung. Now claiming the space at the bottom of this particular barrel are socialists, with half of all voters ruling them out entirely. Sen. Bernie Sanders will have his work cut out for him. … We’ve seen a tiny smattering of atheist candidates and elected officials in the past handful of years, but we need to see more, and at a much higher and more visible level. The more atheist candidates run for office, whether they win or not, the more their atheism stops seeming to voters like an oddity or a novelty.

California’s Assembly passes SB 277, already passed by the state senate, which would end belief-exemptions for vaccinations. 

Roy Brown spoke on behalf of CFI at the UN Human Rights Council yesterday, on states’ persecution of nonbelievers:

There is scarcely a country that does not persecute, oppress, or discriminate in some way against non-believers. Yet this Council continues to ignore their plight in resolution after resolution, sacrificing non-believers on the altar of a dubious consensus with their persecutors. 

Nova Scotia’s Chronicle Herald looks at the belief in the power of dowsing, and turns to Ben Radford for a reality check: “I live in the desert, and if you drilled deep enough below me you’d probably come to water eventually.”

A New Jersey jury takes about five seconds to conclude, yeah, ex-gay therapy is hogwash

A teacher in Indiana is being sued by the family of a 2nd-grader who says he was punished for saying he doesn’t believe in God

Kyle Medin of Florida State University writes at the CFI On Campus blog that even the harshest critics of Catholicism should give the pope credit for his encyclical on climate change.

Police in the UK recover a stolen broken piece of something that’s sort of a cup. Oh, I mean THE HOLY GRAIL.

Where all the aliens at??? Maybe not in our universe, but perhaps in another with a better “amplitude of primordial density fluctuations.” You know.

NASA, meanwhile, is clearly trying to cover up the fact that it has footage of alien spaceships flying away from Earth.

Terror attacks in three countries this morning: France, Tunisia, Kuwait, all likely connected to ISIS.

Islamic court in Nigeria sentences nine people to death for blasphemy, for saying that someone was “bigger than Prophet Muhammad.”  

The filmmakers behind the upcoming Ben-Hur movie promise its portrayal of Jesus “is going to be consistent with people’s expectations.” Now that’s what you want from art, right? Predictability and a lack of originality.  

Quote of the Day:

Some scientists are saying the existential threat of asteroid impacts has been overblown, but Ed Lu of the B612 Foundation says:

We’re talking about things that might ‘only’ set the world economy back by a thousand years, or might ‘only’ kill 100 million people, those are the kinds of things we haven’t yet found.

Yep I’m still scared. 

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