No Plausible Biological Mechanism

June 3, 2015


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Free Inquiry has a special new piece by Ryan Shaffer on the perilous situation in Bangladesh for secularists:

The Bangladeshi government caters to the majority in a republic that has extremist groups and Islamist parties as it also must protect the rights of a minority that do not believe in the nation’s official faith. At the same time, the country suffers from poverty, a lack of infrastructure, and a literacy rate that lags behind more developed countries. This makes the task of Bengali rationalists and humanists more difficult as they challenge superstition where many people do not have access to education and religion is legally protected. 

Our efforts for Taslima Nasrin and other secular activists is covered in the Washington Post and by the BBC. You can donate to our emergency fund here.

If you live in California, tell your state senator to support a bill legalizing physician-assisted suicide.

The Colonel is not happy with people saying his chickens are eight-legged

Here’s some people saying awful things:

The unstoppable Zack Kopplin does some digging and finds lots of evidence of Louisiana public schools teaching creationism, and encourages some parents to get litigious. 

Here is a complete list of scientists who have become creationists after studying the evidence. Get ready.

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners tells pharmacists to ditch all their homeopathic products:

These alternatives do not prevent diseases or increase protective antibodies and there is no plausible biological mechanism by which these alternatives could prevent infection. 

Egyptian television personality Islam El-Behiry is sentenced to five years in prison for blasphemy, because he questioned the teachings of Islamic clerics. 

Myanmarese writer Htin Lin Oo is sentenced to two years of prison and hard labor for criticizing radical Buddhism

People protesting the possibility of a Scientology-run rehab center near Camp David accuse the church of stalking and other “skullduggery.”  

Melissa Dahl looks at the strange case of a woman who was so addicted to getting advice from psychics that she “was spending up to eight hours and $200 a day on the phone or online with fortune tellers.” Must make it easy on the psychics: “I predict you will speak to a psychic.”

Science: You should squat when you poo

Quote of the Day:

This has nothing to do with skepto-atheism, but I thought this was hilarious. As the head of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, resigns, Nathan Edward tweets:


AMERICA, DRUNK: “I’m gonna…I’m gonna arrest soccer.”

FRIEND: “You can’t arrest soccer.”

A: “The hell I can’t.” 

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