Light Years of Vast Nothingness

June 3, 2016


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Well here we are. With ancillary activities already well underway, tomorrow morning the second Reason Rally kicks off at the Lincoln Memorial. I’ll happily remind you that Nora Hurley, Matt Licata, and I, along with other CFI folks, will be keeping you up to date, and hopefully a little enlightened and amused, with our CFI Live at the Reason Rally site at Prepare ye the way of the blog! CNN did a thingIn These Times did a thing, and there are probably other things.

I’m traveling today to get to said rally, so this will be a short Heresy.  

President Obama writes a letter of condolence to the family of Xulhaz Mannan, the Bangladeshi LGBT magazine editor and former embassy employee who was hacked to death:

I hope it brings you some measure of solace to know that his courageous, compassionate spirit will endure through all who knew and loved him, and in all who are inspired by the difference he made- now and for generations to come. 

The Brookings Institution plugs a recent Point of Inquiry episode featuring Brookings’ Shadi Hamid on his take on “Islamic distinctiveness.”  

Ben Radford does another blog-symposium on the question of the right to anonymity, with Eve Siebert and David Koepsell.  

A family practice in Tennessee will no longer administer vaccines because, well, you can imagine why

Quote of the Day:

You already know that the Universe is expanding and will one day be cold and dead. Guess what! It’s happening faster than we thought, with the Hubble Constant now estimated to be 5 to 9 percent higher than previously believed. Maddie Stone at Gizmodo says:

It implies that there are underlying physical processes pushing space apart which we haven’t fully accounted for. … It’s an exciting reminder that the very fabric of reality is being shaped and stretched by forces we can barely comprehend. But one day, those forces will ensure that all of our atoms are dispersed across trillions of light years of vast nothingness. 

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Image by Alejandra Ramírez, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. 

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