The Hell Liberation Front

June 4, 2013

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Buffalo News covers yesterday’s pride parade, where CFI was ably and enthusiastically represented

Yesterday we lost New Jersey’s Sen. Frank Lautenberg at age 89. Americans United pays tribute to his church-state record. 

You know what CFI’s stuffy old headquarters needs? A bunch of you dang KIDS running around. <shakes fist> Dig the new website for this year’s Student Leadership Conference

Atheist sells a seat in Heaven for $100,000 on eBay, eBay does not see the humor. I bet Hemant does.

The U.N. grants “consultative status” to LGBT groups. 

McClatchy looks at the hardline crackdown on free expression in the new Egypt. MidEast Christian News calls its mob-enforced blasphemy laws “intellectual terrorism.”

At the CSI site, Kylie Sturgess sees a rare glimmer of hope in the Australian media’s handling of the (pseudo)controversy over vaccinations. 

Whoa – the CFI Office of Public Policy was really busy in May. Check it out

Gordon Haber interviews Nathan Schneider, author of God in Proofs: The Story of a Search from the Ancients to the Internet

Christian blogger Caryn D. Griswold is gobsmacked that speakers at Women in Secularism were claiming that religion and feminism don’t mix.

Bob Smietana reports: Predictably, a bunch of churches turn their noses up at the now gay-friendly-ish Boy Scouts. 

I didn’t know this, but maybe it’s common knowledge: Bradley Manning, the soldier being charged with giving secrets to WikiLeaks, identifies as a humanist.  

Ghosts taunt pro baseball players in Milwaukee. 

Republican House Members Dana Rohrabacher and Steve King back Russia’s jailing of Pussy Riot for blasphemy. 

Vanity Fair looks at the weirdness surrounding John Edward Mack, the Harvard psychiatrist who “spent years trying to fathom [alien abductees’] stories and reached an astonishing conclusion: they were telling the truth.” 

Joe Nickell wades back into the morass of assertions about the Shroud of Turin, saying the “considerable, utterly devastating evidence against the shroud’s authenticity” is “unfortunate for shroud zealots.”

CFI intern Monica Harmsen tackles Regina Spektor’s “Eet” for Music Monday. 

I have a personal rule about not linking to anything having to do with Tucker Carlson, but just so you know, he’s sort of egging on the idea of Florida atheist monument being vandalized.

Stop oppressing Franklin Graham!!! 

It’s not a Loch Ness Monster, it’s a Conger eel. Duh.

THIS is the Loch Ness Monster. No it’s not. It’s the Lake Champlain’s own monster “Champ,” as explained by CSI’s Ben Radford. 

Quote of the Day 

Hendrik Hertzberg is one of my favorite writers (and I met him once but I know he doesn’t remember). Here, he reflects on Pope Francis’s words about atheists who “do good”:

If such a cruel, vain, and tyrannical God did exist, I can’t for the life of me see how the proper response would be to worship or even praise Him. Wouldn’t a more logical, more morally sound, more self-respecting response be to join a rebellion against Him—the Hell Liberation Front or some such—and try to overthrow Him? I can’t help feeling pleased and grateful that Pope Francis doesn’t believe in that kind of God, even if for other reasons (lack of evidence, plus an inability to formulate a question or questions to which a God or gods would be a satisfactory answer) I can’t join him in believing in any sort of God at all.   

* * *  

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