A Metric Thrill-Stravaganza

June 4, 2015

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We were delighted that Reps. Joe Pitts and Sheila Jackson Lee had introduced a House resolution advocating for the repeal of blasphemy laws around the world. Blasphemy laws and the persecution of nonbelievers and religious minorities will of course be the subject of congressional briefings we’re hosting and taking part in next week.

And lo, the heavens did crack open and behold there was lightning and thunder and the maidens did swoon and the menfolk did weep and the children sang songs of a world transformed, for on that day did Lincoln Chafee announce his candidacy for president. Okay I poke fun at the thrill-stravaganza that is Lincoln Chafee (he’s for the metric system, guys!), but he is good on our issues.

The California State Senate may be voting on its physician-assisted dying bill today, so if you’re a constituent, go and contact your senator.

I once again do my little international-correspondent shtick for the AtheistAus Podcast, which also features Michael De Dora as a guest on the whole Bangladesh situation. 

Voice of America and Time cover the Taslima Nasrin relocation and the Freethought Emergency Fund. Meanwhile, Reuters reports on threats now being made against Bangladeshi academics.

In Skeptical Inquirer, James McGaha and Joe Nickell round up some lights-in-the-sky UFO sightings and of course clear them up. 

Research suggests that mentions of “God,” whether one believes in him/her/it or not, can make one more willing to take big risks. Comforting.

CFI-Indiana’s Reba Boyd Wooden, head of our Secular Celebrant program, is highlighted as a gay-friendly wedding vendor by Purple Unions. 

The Large Hadron Collider gets back to science-ing

Our Center Stage podcast presents a visit from Elizabeth Cady Stanton (remarkably spry for 199 years old) at the Robert G. Ingersoll conference last year.

Puerto Rico’s House of Representatives passes a National Day of Prayer bill. Maybe they do want to be a state?

Something-something Duggars something-something Fox News. 

United Airlines to the Muslim woman it denied a can of coke to: Sorry — and that really wasn’t us.

Creflo Dollar will get his $65 million jet after all. You see? If you believe hard enough…

Something is dripping under Jesus

Quote of the Day:

This should make you uneasy: Nina Burleigh at Newsweek says the worldview of Timothy McVeigh is now part of the fabric of mainstream conservative thought:

Republican politicians now often echo conspiracy theories once relegated to troglodyte pamphlets. … When politicians court a base that believes the federal government is the enemy, it becomes nearly impossible to negotiate. Judging by the gridlocked committee rooms of the Capitol, that metaphorical truck bomb has already detonated in the heart of the American political process.


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