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July 13, 2015


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Nick Little, our legal director, has a great blog post on why states’ Blaine Amendments are so important, regardless of their origins:

If a religious organization accepts state money, it should play by the same rules as everyone else. A secular humanist should not have to pay taxes to fund a rehabilitation facility claiming that faith in Jesus Christ is the only way out of addiction. Similarly, a Catholic should not have to fund a fundamentalist Baptist school which teaches that the Pope is the antichrist. And a Jewish citizen should not have to pay taxes which fund an Islamic counseling center. 

The Obama Administration issues the last word on religious exemptions to contraception coverage: all women can get it, employers who want to opt out have to meet certain standards and tell the government, and the insurance company picks it up. Let the claims of tyrannical religious persecution begin!!!

Speaking of religious persecution, O. Alan Noble wrestles with how Christians should respond to the “assault of rainbows” they are being forced to endure on Facebook. I guess they could always use the new Brazilian Evangelical variant of Facebook that is sans-gay

Depending on how you look at it, John H. Richardson has either a must-read or must-avoid piece at Esquire on a truly dispiriting phenomenon: the climate scientists who know civilization is already totally screwed.

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore addresses Operation Save America, labeled a hate group, praising them for their work and for being “radical for God.” 

Gov. Steve Beshear of Kentucky tells a county court clerk who is an opponent of same-sex marriage to issue marriage licenses or go ahead and quit.

A Missouri state senator, angry about the SCOTUS marriage decision, is mixed up about what church-state separation is supposed to mean:

The violation of separation of church and state by this opinion was unprecedented. An institution which has always been the jurisdiction of the church was hijacked and neutered. 

Also confused, Christopher Clukey at the Journal Standard:

How is a person who takes a job at a Catholic university and then expects the university to pay for birth control any different from a person who takes a job at a kosher deli and then expects his employer to serve him ham sandwiches on his lunch break? 

Wait wait I think I know this one. Hold on. Something about how ham sandwiches are not a legally mandated universal right. But I’m not sure. Also I know there’s something about ham sandwiches being indicted, so maybe it’s best we leave them alone.

Florida police chief has “In God We Trust” stickers put on every patrol car, and he feels “very firm” about it. Hemant says:

Let’s hope Jesus can stop bullets because my confidence in the people in charge is incredibly low. 

Jesus goes to Comic-Con, and nobody notices. He probably needs a J.J. Abrams reboot.

A Royal Air Force colonel says he has evidence that backs up his claims of seeing a UFO in 1980 by a US base. Which means of course that aliens are here.

And they’re in Austin. (Aliens don’t like Houston or Dallas.)

Bolivian president Evo Morales gives the pope a crucifix with Jesus hanging off of a hammer and sickle, and awkwardness ensues

Wendy Connelly at the Kansas City Star encourages positive Christian engagement with atheist critics:

I welcome the atheist critique in that I believe it performs a prophetic service to our generation of Christians: dismantling our idols, revealing what God is not, demanding an altar befitting a God worthy of our intellect and affections.

Man who rules over a city-state made largely of gold admonishes people for loving money too much.

Quote of the Day:

VICE asks Dr. Reverend Bob Shore-Goss whether Jesus was gay, and his answer makes me doubt his scholarship:

I would hope he is. I would project that he is. For my own spirituality, I would love to jump into bed with Jesus.  

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