Maybe We Shouldn’t Have Done That

July 21, 2016


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Last night, Mike “Christian, Conservative, Republican in that order” Pence gave his acceptance speech at the RNC. But whatever, that wasn’t interesting. What WAS interesting was that Ted Cruz gave what I assume was his speech announcing his run for president in 2020, getting boos from the audience for not endorsing Trump, and even apart from that he said:

Freedom means religious freedom, whether you are Christian, Jew, Muslim, or atheist. Whether you are gay, or straight, the Bill of Rights protects the rights of all of us to live according to our conscience.

So it’s a crazy year is what I’m saying. 

The night before last, the band you forgot about, Third Eye Blind, trolled the Republican attendees at a Cleveland charity event by, for example, shouting, “Raise your hand if you believe in science!” to a chorus of boos. Later they told fans, “We repudiate every last stitch of the RNC platform and the grotesque that is their nominee.” 

Laura Turner at Pacific Standard has a useful overview of what it actually means when we talk about “Evangelicals” today, particularly in light of its growth in younger and more diverse adherents. 

You would think that this wouldn’t need repeating, but alas. Here’s Jeneen Interlandi at Scientific American reporting that acupuncture’s value is doubtful, with a subheading that reads, “Scientific studies show that the procedure is full of holes.: GET IT? Oh, SciAm. You cards. 

Puerto Rico police officer Alvin Marrero-Méndez was demoted in 2012 for refusing to participate in group prayers. Two days ago, he won his court case, the judge saying, “If these actions do not establish religious coercion, we would be hard-pressed to find what would.”

The latest edition of the Richard Dawkins Foundation newsletter has a lot of good stuff on the Turkey coup and that Indiana governor we’re hearing so much about. 

Robert Sheaffer discusses a new investigation into a UFO sighting in 1994 in Zimbabwe, said to have been witnessed by dozens of school kids, and as you can imagine, there were big problems with the initial reports.

Atheist Ireland is working to make sure parents know that they can opt their kids out of the Religious Education

Julie Rovner at NPR reports on the regrouping underway by anti-abortion groups after the big Texas decision. Gotta love this:

In hindsight, “maybe it was a mistake for us to champion safeguards for women,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, whose goal is to elect more anti-abortion candidates to public office. “Maybe we shouldn’t have done that.”

Yes. Maybe you shouldn’t have. 

Orlando is famous for its popular theme parks. But not this one! Holy Land Experience, which is what it sounds like, is not faring well, and selling off its junk and a Harley

Neuroscientists and Philosophers Debate Whether the World Exists.” Come on, BigThink, it’s too early for this. (CFI prez Ron Lindsay tweets: “Hope answer is no. I don’t want to pay my library fines.”) 

Bigfoot would like you not to run anyone over with your car. “Sasquatch helps remind us that we all have to look out for one another.”

Oh hey look The Morning Heresy got its first mention in an actual news outlet, I think, like, ever. I mean, it’s something called East Village Magazine, which I’ve never heard of, and am unlikely to hear of ever again, but if you scroll and scroll way, way down, THERE WE ARE. 

Quote of the Day

Remember how Ben Carson two nights ago was all “Hillary is connected to Lucifer” or whatever? Paul Waldman tweets:

On night 3, Ben Carson returns to use his training as a doctor to determine whether Hillary Clinton weighs the same as a duck.  

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