New Horizons Was Born in Kenya

July 22, 2015

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We have a new action alert, urging you to tell Congress to quit the ridiculous attacks against Planned Parenthood, the victims of faux-stings by right wing activists. The New York Times agrees that the attacks are absurd:

Lawmakers responding by promoting their own anti-choice agenda are rewarding deception and putting women’s health and their constitutionally protected rights at risk. 

In Seattle, only 81.4 percent of kindergarteners have been vaccinated against polio. Reports Isolde Raftery at KUOW:

That’s lower than the 2013 polio immunization rates for 1-year-olds in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Algeria, El Salvador, Guyana, Sudan, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and Yemen, among other countries, according to data from the World Health Organization.

You’ve got to be kidding me. There exist Pluto “truthers.” Do they think New Horizons was born in Kenya? Does Trump want to see the birth certificate?

Pakistan’s supreme court has agreed to hear an appeal by Asia Bibi, the Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy. 

Meanwhile, Massachusetts seems to have some laws on its books that prohibit things like, well, blasphemy! One may also not hire an albino, apparently. 

My friend and former Clergy Project executive director Catherine Dunphy has a new book out, From Apostle to Apostate: The Story of the Clergy Project, with an excerpt available at Friendly Atheist.

Scholars at the University of Birmingham discover Quran fragments, radiocarbon dated to be almost 1400 years old. Alas, this kind of carbon dating is going to get harder to do, thanks to our carbon emissions.

Raif Badawi’s family puts out a statement that is frankly a little confusing to us, saying that Raif’s case was not, in fact, referred to the Saudi supreme court as was reported, but will be now. We’re not sure exactly what’s up with that, and it could just be more of the Saudi rulers stringing this along, but of course we want this to be a ray of hope. 

Eliza Griswold at NYT Magazine looks at the battering Christianity is taking in the Middle East in the time of ISIS. 

County clerk in Kentucky refuses to authorize same-sex marriages because of “God’s holy word,” explaining that, “If I say they are authorized, I’m saying, ‘I agree with it.’ And I can’t.” That’s actually not what you’d be saying, but whatever, we’re just making up everything here. 

Cautiously, I now refer you to a new podcast I’ve started with Brian Hogg (creator of the hilarious “Walt Mosspuppet” among other things), called Thinkery. Go easy on us, we’re figuring this out.

Quote of the Day:

Not words, but musical notes. Specifically, sousaphone accompaniment for a KKK rally:

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