Your Beak is Too Short

July 31, 2015


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The CFI Leadership Conference is underway, and I have been dubbed the Captain of the Merchandise Table (okay I dubbed myself that, but I think I need four rank insignia pips). 

We announced our support this morning of a House resolution by Rep. Tusli Gabbard urging Bangladesh to seriously address violent extremism, in the wake of the murders of atheist bloggers by Islamists. 

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man stabs six people at a Jerusalem gay pride parade. 

Via Bloomberg, betcha didn’t know: “Quietly, steadily, the Buffett family is funding the biggest shift in birth control in a generation.”

Here’s something different. CFI-UK’s Stephen Law posts a kind of screenplay for an unproduced animated piece about thinking machines.  

Republicans may not believe in climate change, but at least 170 Evangelical leaders are backing President Obama’s Clean Power Plan. 

Now here’s a thing: The Nation of Pakistan reports that a “virtually infallible” study shows that those who are overtly atheist suffer from a “genetic defect”:

Does this mean that the face of overt atheism is an ugly face? We are not sure, but evidence seems to point in that direction. 

Gov. Robert Bentley of Alabama appoints to the state board of education a Christian college graduate with no experience with public schools, will not send his kids to public schools, and campaigned against funding for public schools.

Quote of the Day:

Richard Dawkins (but not really) as quoted (but not really) by Clickhole:

If your beak is too short, you can’t reach food, you die. If your beak is too long, you can’t fly, you die. To live, you need to have the perfectly sized beak. I do.

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