Frustrated by the Lack of Bayesianism

July 7, 2017


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Yesterday I screwed up the link to Andy Ngo’s blog post again. Is there some supernatural force that is causing me to prevent you from reading Andy’s piece??? Well, in your face, supernatural force, because third time’s the charm! Here’s Andy’s “The Orlando Selfie.”

(Did I get it right this time?) 

Economist Tyler Cowen, whose website looks like it’s juuuust north of Geocitiesexplains why he doesn’t believe in God with sentences like this one:

I am frustrated by the lack of Bayesianism in most of the religious belief I observe.

Right? That’s the worst.

Gov. Jerry Brown announces to the Global Citizens Festival in Hamburg, Germany (where Trump is meeting other leaders for the G20) that he is inviting world leaders to California for a global warming summit.

Get to it, Jerry. Because Stephen Hawking, who you may know is very smart, says that Trump’s actions/inaction on climate change will turn Earth into Venus:

We are close to the tipping point where global warming becomes irreversible. Trump’s action could push the Earth over the brink, to become like Venus, with a temperature of two hundred and fifty degrees, and raining sulphuric acid. 

Vice President Pence says to NASA employees, “Here from this bridge to space, our nation will return to the moon and we will put American boots on the face of Mars.” I assume he means that a pair of L.L. Beans’ will be dropped from a Mars probe to the surface of the planet.  

Native American tribes are suing to stop grizzly bears from being removed from the endangered and threatened species list with a religious freedom argument. AP reports:

“He is our relative. For us Bear Clan members, he is our uncle,” Ben Nuvamsa, a former chairman of the Hopi Tribe in Arizona, said Wednesday. “If that bear is removed, that does impact our ceremonies in that there would not be a being, a religious icon that we would know and recognize.” 

The battle over goatsuckers continues!!! I’m talking about the back and forth between CFI’s Ben Radford, expert on chupacabra lore, and Jason Colavito, who thinks the legend is about a bird. It’s complicated.

Some folks take video of Muslims at their call to prayer at Parc Safari, a zoo in Quebec, and they can be heard being really ticked off about it…and in French, no less! They posted the video to Facebook, and the folks at Parc Safari responded by saying, “Parc Safari is sorry that freedom of religion has offended some people.” Solid burn, Parc. 

Lectins are apparently a new pseudoscience fad concern, and dietitian Cara Rosenbloom explains why it’s all probably nonsense, saying, “…it’s a fad when scare tactics persuade you to spend money on supplements. Of course, anti-lectin advocates sell expensive pills (just $79.95 a month) that claim to neutralize or reduce the negative effect of lectins.” Whatever they are.

Business Insider has a handy list of what you might need in case of a nuclear bomb explosion. I can’t imagine what might have inspired this.

Quote of the Day:

James Croft, inspired by Anthony Pinn’s book When Colorblindness Isn’t the Answer: Humanism and the Challenge of Racelays it out nice and clear

If you’re not for racial justice you are not a Humanist. If you are not for an end to white supremacy, you are not a Humanist. If you are not for the liberation of all people from all structures of oppression, you are not a Humanist. … Any attempt to exclude racial justice from the Humanist project, or to relegate it to secondary status, is by definition a statement that the lives of black and brown people matter less.  

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