My Socks Belong to Jesus

August 10, 2015


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The murder by Islamic militants of Bangladeshi blogger Niloy Neel, the fourth such act of terror this year, is covered with our commentary by outlets such as Bloomberg, Mashable, and Voice of America. Nicole Scott writes up the news for Free Inquiry. The United Nations Special Rapporteurs on religious freedom and extrajudicial executions condemn the attack. Al Qaeda claims responsibility, which is not a surprise.

Tragedies aside, the past couple of weeks had a lot of wonderful things going on in the CFI community. Get caught up with the latest Cause & Effect

The New Zealand Humanist Society says the country’s new Harmful Digital Communications Act amounts to a very strict blasphemy law

I do my international-correspondent shtick once again in the AtheistAus Podcast with Kylie Sturgess. 

Lincoln County’s (NC) Board of Commissioners won’t allow a secular invocation, so the Hickory Humanist Alliance is instead encouraging folks to use the meeting where they would have spoken to do something good for others.

Individual church-run Boy Scout chapters are allowed to discriminate against gay leaders, and they’re wasting no time in doing so

That’s no crab monster on Mars. That’s His Noodliness. (But now there’s also a lady hanging out on Mars.)

How’s this for a lede? “A man was forced to marry his 19-year-old girlfriend and write down Bible verses by an East Texas judge as punishment for punching another man in the jaw.” Something strikes me as unconstitutional about that. 

And how’s this for a maybe-not-helping headline at NPR: “Should We Distrust Atheists?” Hmm. Should we get better headline writers at NPR?

At my blog iMortal, I ponder research suggesting that consciousness isn’t really doing all that much. Or at least I’m under the illusion that I ponder it. 

Quote of the Day:

RNS reporter Brian Pellot:

Had a dream last night that Pope Francis and I were hanging out on the beach. When I got back from a swim, I discovered that he’d thrown my socks and underwear into the water and then waded in to retrieve them. He claimed they’d just washed up there and in fact originally belonged to Jesus. I pointed out that elastic was a modern invention, so they couldn’t possibly have belonged to Jesus, but he wouldn’t hear me out. I then threatened to sue him for all the Vatican’s worth, to which he retorted “religious freedom.” I think I’ve been a) working too much b) watching too much Good Wife. 

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