The 100-Billion-Year Bucket List

August 12, 2015


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CFI’s Michael De Dora will be on MSNBC today, probably about the time this publishes, talking about the killings in Bangladesh. We’ll get the link out as soon as its available. Right now, you can contact your U.S. House representative and tell them to support Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s resolution calling on Bangladesh to protect its people.  

Rukhsana Hasib explains the stakes for Bangladesh:

The extremists in Bangladesh, like those in Pakistan, are strongly principled and are willing to kill anyone who opposes their philosophy of a distorted view of Islam. And they are willing to die for their cause. Their philosophy makes them powerful and dangerous. 

Very unexpected: Raif Badawi’s case is being reviewed — again! — by the Saudi Supreme Court, says his wife Ensaf Haidar. 

The Universe has more or less had it, and is slowly, slowly, slowly winding down. You have about 100,000,000,000 years to go through your bucket list.

Faktoider shows that not only is that not a lady on Mars, like, it’s really, really obviously not if you just look at, like, other pictures of the same spot. 

The Center Stage podcast features a lecture by Will Kinney: “A Universe Just for Us.”  (Which will be dead in 100 billion years.)

Steven Novella says we should reject the marketing term of “alternative medicine,” which creates a false equivalency with actual medicine. 

Tampa Bay Newspapers columnist Bob Driver opines in favor of the courting of atheist votes by presidential candidates. (Though he says Bernie Sanders is an atheist, which Sanders has not confirmed, and that winning the atheist vote would amount to “a few thousand votes.”) 

Steve Scholtz made a video featuring “Google” (or a talking Chrome icon) trying to get us humans to accept the reality of climate change. He says he was inspired by Point of Inquiry! Rock! 

A journalist from the Jewish news outlet The Forward, Larry Cohler-Esses, says that after his time reporting in Iran, he’s come to the conclusion that pretty much nobody there is interested in annihilating Israel

Michele Bachmann just can’t wait for the End Times. (No, not the heat death of the Universe.)

Quote of the Day:

Nick Stockton at Wired on our dying Universe:

The universe began at a point in place and time known as the Big Bang. But it exploded—the very first example of the center not holding. And now things are really falling apart.

The dynamics of how it exploded were such that everywhere you look has same distribution of stars, the same distribution of temperature, the same distribution of energy. How’s that for ennui, buddy? Same shit, different galactic supercluster. 

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