Seeing Carl’s Face

August 13, 2015


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CFI’s Michael De Dora was on MSNBC’s Road Map for a good amount of time to discuss the crisis for secular bloggers in Bangladesh. Good, important stuff.

90-year-old former president Jimmy Carter reveals he has cancer that is spreading. 

CFI-Indiana’s Reba Boyd Wooden is also president of the state’s Health Access and Privacy Alliance, and posts a response to her senators’ support of efforts to defund Planned Parenthood

Meanwhile, 56 faith-based groups tell the Senate to back off of Planned Parenthood. 

Oh, you know what else interfaith coalitions like? Net neutrality

Also from the CFI-Indiana community, NUVO covers a play written by CFI-Indy advisory board member Matthew Barron being put on at IndyFringe: I’m Not Gay

NYT’s Rukmini Callimachi reports on how ISIS has made rape part of its theology, justifying ever assault as a way to get closer to God.  

One full year with no new cases of polio in Africa. Good on ya. 

This is just weird. Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates, “Miss Pennsylvania,” is accused of faking cancer in order to rake in donations. 

Amanda Schaffer at The New Yorker takes a long look at how doctors have had to innovate and improvise in order to accommodate the wishes of Jehovah’s Witnesses, who refuse blood transfusions. 

A petition emerges to have the Bangladesh’s Inspector General of Police resign over his hostility toward the persecuted and murdered secular bloggers. 

Thank goodness for Parade magazine, lest we never know the answer to this seemingly unanswerable theological puzzle: Is atheism a religion? 

Trump’s favorite book? THE BIBLE!!!!!! 

Quote of the Day:

Pharrell Williams, whose contracts have a rider for a picture of Carl Sagan to be displayed in his dressing room:

I watched ‘Cosmos’ as a child and I was always blown away by [Sagan’s] mind and the way he thought. When I look at that picture I realize how lucky we all are … to be on this planet and be able to do what we love to do every day. Seeing Carl’s face reminds me of it. 

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