If You Want to Feel Bad For the Rest of the Day

August 19, 2015


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Bloggers at Mukto-Mona, the Bangladeshi site of people like Avijit Roy and Asif Mohiuddin, demand that their government take the threat to their lives and the threat to free expression far more seriously:

If, instead of uncovering the true nature of these heinous attacks on secular, humanist atheists, instead of taking steps to tackle this, the government of Bangladesh wants to resolve the issue by laying blame on the victims, by threatening the victims with imprisonment, then Mukto-Mona would like to remind them that while today we are the ones under attack, and you are blaming us, the time will come when the fundamentalists will have done away with us and will come after you. 

Our own Michael De Dora is a signatory to the big joint open letter to the government of Bangladesh to protest the “institutional attack” on the country’s secularists. 

Carly Fiorina says “people of faith, I believe, make better leaders. … Faith gives us humility.” Like the humility to believe that the Creator of the Universe is very concerned about what you’re up to. 

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput forbids LGBT Catholics from using St. John the Evangelist Church’s parish center for a gathering. 

The Intel software used by Stephen Hawking to communicate is now freely available.

Something not often noted about the recently-passed civil rights leader Julian Bond: He was an atheist

A federal court tells a preacher his freedom of speech is not being violated when he’s asked not to clog up foot traffic at a fair ground. 

Springer, a major publisher of academic journals, retracts 64 articles after discovering a whole lot of manipulation and fraud

In Saudi Arabia, woman are registering to vote and running for office for the first time. 

University of Wisconsin-Madison student leader Nicole Niebler reflects on last month’s CFI Leadership Conference, taking home the idea that “We should show that we care, and actually do something about what we aren’t content with in society.” 

Bill Nye’s got another book coming? Jeez when does he sleep? 

Ben Radford favorably reviews The Gift at the Free Thinking blog. 

Quote of the Day:

Our congratulations to our least favorite quack, Stanislaw Burzynski, for being named one of the Houston Press‘s “10 Most Embarrassing Houstonians”:

For decades he has conducted clinical trials, involving treatment of cancers with antineoplastons that no one else has ever shown to be effective for that purpose and for which no peer-reviewed randomized trials have ever been published. If you want to feel bad for the rest of the day you can read accounts of families that have committed financial suicide to rally the thousands of dollars needed to get their sick loved ones into the Burzynski Clinic only to watch them die. Truly an embarrassment to such a medical city where some of the best cancer medicine in the world is performed.   

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