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August 23, 2016


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For CSI’s Skeptical Briefs, Joe Nickell recounts his journey to Newfoundland, where he investigates local monsters and mysteries, and becomes an “honorary Newfoundlander” in “a rather drunken ceremony.” Did no one film this?? 

Also for CSI, Kylie Sturgess interviews Tara Moss, author of Speaking out: A 21st Century Handbook for Women and Girls, which emphasizes critical thinking over stereotypes and myths (and comes with an Anti-Feminist Gas-Lighting Bingo card).

“Mr. Trump’s brain is a pincushion for conspiracy theories,” says the NYT editorial board, this time about the myth that the 2016 election will be “rigged.” 

It was touted that Trump had donated $100,000 to help a church in Louisiana with flood relief. Turns out that this church is one where Tony Perkins is a pastor, he of the Family Research Council. 

State Rep. John Lesch of Minnesota, a board member for Catholics for Choice, pushes back against conservative Catholic group the Knights of Columbus and its calls for Catholic politicians to legislate from their “conscience” (meaning: dogma) on abortion. 

At the Daily Beast, Maajid Nawaz writes about how UK radical Islamic preacher Anjem Choudary was long dismissed as a “parody” of an Islamist, only to be shown that “his jester brand was cynical, deliberate, and planned.”

Very much relatedly, the UK moves to separate radicalized Islamist inmates from the rest of the prison population. 

Ben Adler at NPR does a piece on the fight to end discrimination against LGBTQ students by religious colleges and universities. 

Malaysian pop singer Namewee makes a video supporting religious harmony, and is arrested for insulting Islam

NASA makes contact with the spacecraft STEREO-B, after losing touch for two years.

It’s looking like we Mainers might be stuck with this “Wessie” snake monster thing for a while, with more sightings and a found snake skin. Rob Christian of the Maine Herpetological Society says the skin looks like a hoax. “It’s very suspicious to find a shed that’s laid out like this that wasn’t laid out by someone.”

Norway’s taxpayer-supported Catholic church offers a novel and convenient option on its website: “Unsubscribe.” 

TIL psychics don’t want you to record them with your phone. (I actually already knew that.) Mind the generous F-bombs in that link.

Quote of the Day

One of the best Twitter accounts ever, @RikerGoogling, clearly being influenced by the 24th century’s version of InfoWars: 

riker googling

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