A Marginal Constituency

August 2, 2016

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Just under 100 days to go before the election, and the conspiracies are in full swing. Donald Trump believes that the election will be rigged against him, which conveniently means that he wins no matter what happens, and also happens to be what he thought happened in 2012 too.

Trump backers are accusing Khizr Khan as being an agent of the Muslim brotherhood, and the late Captain Humayun Khan of having been a “double-agent” for Al Qaeda. Of course, right? Of course. (Oh, and Hillary is “the devil.”)

On the other side of the political coin is Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who appears to think Wi-Fi is bad for kids’ brains. Rob Beschizza at BoingBoing says:

She’s angling to pick up another marginal constituency—people who think vaccines and radio waves fry their children’s brains—in the vain hope of turning 2% into 2.5%.

And German Lopez at Vox points out that Hillary Clinton is the lone presidential candidate who is not pandering to the anti-vax crowd (sorry, Gary Johnson).

Joe Biden officiates his first wedding, and it’s a same-sex marriage between two White House staffers.

Here’s a thing. We caught wind of this New York state senator, one Rich Funke (yes, it’s pronounced “funky”), talking about some money that was given to a religious college to improve a steeple, but it’s not clear whether that’s public money. We’re trying to find out.

Jim Davis at Get Religion is not happy with WaPo’s sympathetic coverage of a Satanic school program, and also notes that its beliefs are not dissimilar from CFI’s Council for Secular Humanism. Um, maybe?

Israeli authorities raid the offices of the world’s largest evangelical charity, World Vision, and detain a Gaza-based staffer. No one is saying why.

The Economist‘s Erasmus column says that the Vatican needs to come up with a firmer doctrine on matters of war and peace that suits the times we live in.

Adam Lee at The Guardian would like it if Democrats at least acknowledged their atheist constituency once in a while. Just a little.

California’s new SB1146 would end religious schools’ freedom to discriminate. Meanwhile, US District Court Judge Carlton Reeves refuses to remove his injunction on Mississippi’s own pro-discrimination law while his reversal of it is being appealed.

Here’s a novel case: A restaurant owner in Portland, Maine makes it known that those who support the right to own military-style firearms are not welcome in her establishment.

Trump’s head is on Mars.

Turns out swallowing a pill of your poo doesn’t do anything for you.

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