Sifting Through Urges

August 4, 2015

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I’m so thrilled about the guest on the latest episode of Point of InquiryLindsay Beyerstein interviews Ta-Nehisi Coates about his new book, justice, civil rights, atheism, and forgiveness (or the lack thereof). Do not miss it.

The Senate fails to block funding for Planned Parenthood. All those who helped us and contacted their senators can now pat themselves on the back.

In Skeptical Inquirer, Mark Aaron Alsip reveals the many hypocrisies of the Food Babe

Greta Christina profiles CFI-Northeast Ohio’s Monette Richards as part of her atheist-leaders-who-aren’t-Dawkins-et.-al. series. 

Jeffrey Tayler at Salon criticizes an anti-Charlie Hebdo documentaryJe ne suis pas Charlie:

The implicit message: Cartoonists (and the rest of us) had better respect Islam, or else . . . or else, well, all bets are off.  Whatever violence ensues is inevitable, the result of almost “natural” forces beyond our control. 

Three men in North Carolina are arrested for constructing illegal explosive weapons like pipe bombs, apparently preparing to resist the “Jade Helm” conspiracy theory about Obama’s imposing martial law or something. 

Police in the Ganjam district of India begin a public education campaign to combat belief in, and accusations of, witchcraft

Indiana’s ACLU (our buddies for work on issues like Secular Celebrants) file suit on behalf of a 7-year-old who was allegedly ordered to sit alone for discussing his atheism at school. 

A former Fox Sports personality sues Fox for “religious discrimination” when he made statements on the air against same-sex marriage and the Bible and whatnot. Fox says they stopped using him because he used his position to “further a personal agenda.” I dunno, Fox, you’re always so unfriendly to Christians.

Comedian Tyler Fischer punks storefront psychics. Hey, come on, I think $400 for a spiritual cleansing is totally fair.

Ben Radford examines the British video purporting to feature an ectoplasmic photobomb

Forget free will, San Francisco State University’s Ezequiel Morsella says consciousness itself is an illusion:

Because the human mind experiences its own consciousness as sifting through urges, thoughts, feelings and physical actions, people understand their consciousness to be in control of these myriad impulses. But in reality, Morsella argues, consciousness does the same simple task over and over, giving the impression that it is doing more than it actually is. 

Trump’s “not so sure about the atheist vote.” I bet most of the atheists are pretty sure, though. 

Okay okay I’m linking the Bill-Nye-reads-mean-tweets video. (I like the use of the Harlem Globetrotters theme.) 

Quote of the Day:

Neil deGrasse Tyson on science being overwhelmed by ideology:

One of the great tragedies of modern society is that we have politicians cherry-picking science in the interests of their own social, cultural, political and religious belief systems, and that’s the beginning of the end of an informed democracy. … if [one’s] belief is not based on objective truths, you should not be creating legislation based on it.

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