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September 12, 2017


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So that dude at The Federalist, Aaron Gleason, dissed CFI’s Joe Nickell for his favorable review of An Inconvenient Sequel a couple of weeks back. Joe is amused:

Although one might think Gleason is not the brightest bulb, he obviously believes himself smarter than I, Al Gore, 99.9% of climate scientists, and all but one world leader. What makes Gleason so brilliant in his own mind? He apparently jumps to conclusions with the aid of a pogo stick.  

Read to the end of Joe’s piece for the final flicking away of this fly. 

At Reason, Ron Bailey explores the concept of “atomic humanism,” in which humans get INCREDIBLE NEW POWERS BY HARNESSING THE POWER OF THE ATOM. (I wish.) No, atomic humanism is the view that in order to ensure prosperity to the greatest possible number of people, we must embrace nuclear power, contra the claims of many in the environmental movement.a

Russell Blackford writes in support of same-sex marriage in Australia, noting that the embrace of the institution of marriage by same-sex couples is itself a win for conservatives. 

Pope Fluffy muses on climate change deniers and their mindset in a time of super-hurricanes and wildfires: “Man is stupid, the Bible said. It’s like that, when you don’t want to see, you don’t see.”

We already know that Mike Pence describes himself as first a Christian, second a conservative, and third a Republican. Well, Trump “spiritual adviser” Paula White insists that Trump is “1000 percent … not a racist” and “100 percent is a Christian,” so I guess that means Trump’s first super-totally-not-a-racist, second a Christian-in-totality, and third…um…

An Australian man trying to treat his prostate cancer with alternative treatments gives himself cyanide poisoning by ingesting apricot kernel extract. He lived, but he had 25 times the safe levels of cyanide in his system. 

Researchers look into whether Reddit’s 2015 ban on overt hate speech subreddits had any impact on the site, and, well, it looks like it did. From their conclusion:

Users participating in the banned subreddits either left the site or (for those who remained) dramatically reduced their hate speech usage. Communities that inherited the displaced activity of these users did not suffer from an increase in hate speech. 

What would it be like to fly through Saturn’s rings? Before Cassini bites the dust, take this approximation of a ride with it.

You know how Trump has trouble categorically denouncing Nazis? Roy Moore, likely Alabama’s next U.S. Senator, has trouble categorically rejecting the execution of gays for being gay. When asked by a wingnut radio host whether he agrees with the Bible that gays should be executed, Moore said in 2015:

Well I don’t, you know, I’m not here to outline any punishments for sodomy. That’s far beyond any issues I’ve come in contact with. I can’t help what some people say, what some people do.

Or! Or! You could say “no.” Just do that. Say “no.”

Brandon McFadden explains how food companies are exploiting consumers’ “knowledge gap” with pointless labels of purity, exemplified by “gluten-free water.” 

As if we needed reminding, the NYT editorial board lays out the many offenses committed in Trump’s “war on science.” It’s a lot!

In Brazil, an art exhibition on gender diversity is cancelled when religious groups launch a campaign against it, accusing it of promoting blasphemy, pedophilia, and bestiality. Sounds like the South American version of Rick Santorum. 

What a horror show: In Lanarkshire, Scotland, the bodies of more than 400 children are found buried at a care home run by the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul. The children seem to have largely died of natural causes, but as the BBC reports, “Many allegations of abuse at the care home were also uncovered … including beatings, punches, public humiliations and psychological abuse.”

In the Argus Leader of South Dakota, Rick Snedeker tries to calm the locals’ worries about the rise of the nones…but he does so by insisting that we’re not alien body-snatchers, not horror movie characters, and “pretty agreeable.” Well, I’m convinced. 

In Muncie, Indiana, a young mother went missing in 2013. A psychic tip led a film crew to where she might be. When they found bones there, turned out they weren’t human

To the staffers of Sen. Ted Cruz: clear your browser caches NOW.

Having trouble controlling your life force? Tell me about it. So just do like Hillary and Deepak do, and try alternate nostril breathing. Or, alternately, don’t.

Quote of the Day:

Holy crap, this is an Australian ad for lamb from
a meat industry group, featuring Jesus, Zeus, Moses, Buddha, Ganesh, and other gods because lamb is “the meat we can all eat.” Ganesh’s appearance is making some Hindus angry because the god is supposed to be vegetarian, and guess who doesn’t show up:

Not present at the meal is the Prophet Muhammad. Muslims consider images of the founder of their faith to be extremely offensive. In the ad, Muhammad calls in (“Can’t make an appearance?” Jesus asks) claiming he has to pick up the kids from daycare. Muslims are permitted up to four wives. 

The end of the ad highlights the nones. You just have to watch.


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