Sonically Tuned Water, Moonlight, Love, Reiki, and Gem Elixirs

September 19, 2017


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Check out this fascinating presentation on the Gnostic gospels, given by the wicked-smart Cynthia Grzywinski, who also happens to be my mom. (And introduced with a poem read by my college acting professor, the wicked-awesome Pam Hendrick.)

Neil deGrasse Tyson tells Fareed Zakaria, correctly, that we are more or less screwed when it comes to climate change, saying, “The day two politicians are arguing about whether science is true, it means nothing gets done. Nothing.” 

Roy Moore, who will almost certainly be the next Senator from Alabama, talking about how we have so much conflict in the U.S., mentions “reds and yellows fighting,” referring to Native Americans and Asians. Apart from the stupid use of “reds and yellows” to describe human beings, since when are Native Americans and Asians “fighting”? Is there some kind of conflict I don’t know about? 

In the Washington Post, Jamal Khashoggi tells of the arrest of 30 intellectuals and others in Saudi Arabia (some friends of Khashoggi), and the strange paradox of Saudi oppression, wherein liberals and “Islamists” alike are targeted. 

A study from Ohio State University on beliefs about what is and is not “truth” shows, unsurprisingly, that those who rely on their “gut” and presume facts to be dependent on their political bias are way more likely to believe in things that are straight-up false. Kelly Garrett, one of the researchers, said:

People sometimes say that it’s too hard to know what’s true anymore. That’s just not true. These results suggest that if you pay attention to evidence you’re less likely to hold beliefs that aren’t correct.

Looks like there’s a new comedy about paranormal investigators coming to TV, Ghosted, which stars that guy who plays Doug Judy on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and is super-hilarious.  

David Dobbs shows, first, that there are a LOT, and I mean A LOT, of books about Darwin, and second, one new book mounts a rare defense of his ideas about sexual selection in The Descent of Man.  

Emma Green at The Atlantic talks to historian Max Perry Mueller, author of the new book Race and the Making of the Mormon People.

Ensaf Haidar, the tireless activist and wife of imprisoned Saudi blogger Raif Badawi, will address the UN Human Rights Council today. You know who else is in Geneva for the UNHRC? Our boss, Robyn Blumner! 

The folks who were living in a Mars-simulating habitat for 8 months are finally out. Wait til they find out about how things have been going, they’ll wanna go back in.

So Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop are just trolling us now, right? There’s no way they mean this. Dr. Jen Gunter shows us Goop’s “psychic vampire repellent” ($30):

The psychic vampire repellent may not be FDA evaluated, but who cares when it has sonically tuned water, moonlight, love, reiki, and gem elixirs which is totally not left over water from a rock polisher. It must be very potent as there is  a double dose of reiki. I’m not sure how they get all that reiki in the bottle because reiki isn’t an object but no conversation needed here because ancient gem elixir physics, duh!  

This is sobering. Julien Benoit writes at Quartz about what lies beneath the conspiracy theory that aliens build the pyramids:

Who cares if relatively few people don’t believe the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids? What’s the harm? Actually, there is great harm: firstly, these people try to prove their theories by travelling the world and desecrating ancient artefacts. Secondly, they perpetuate and give air to the racist notion that only Europeans – white people – ever were and ever will be capable of such architectural feats. 

“Your mistake wasn’t trying to kill me, Robert—it was not finishing me off when you had the chance.” So Zombie-Cassini said as its carcass attacked a NASA offcial. 

Quote of the Day:

Weird Al Yankovic’s contribution to Talk Like a Pirate Day:

Just downloaded a movie with hardcoded Chinese subs off a Russian torrent site! #TalkLikeAPirateDay

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