I’m a Monster Hunter, Basically

September 30, 2016


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I’m a little behind schedule here because 1) It’s International Blasphemy Rights Day, 2) we just launched the big-deal Secular Rescue program to save people’s lives, 3) we had a matching gift that we blew past last night which is freaking amazing, and 4) Free Inquiry is running the “blasphemous” cartoon that got Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar arrested and then shot, in support of the right to free expression.

Almost as though they knew it was International Blasphemy Rights Day, Singapore imprisons 17-year-old Amos Yee for six weeks for posting videos critical of religion.

Jenny McCarthy is set to lead a festival of anti-vaxxers at the “Autism Education Summit,” which simply fills me with rage. Damage will be done by this.

Sam Harris’s TED talk on artificial intelligence is up. 

There are some problems with the Great Lakes Reasonfest 2016. 

CSI Fellow Seth Shostak of SETI explains to Business Insider why it’s been so hard to get the funding needed for SETI

The Nevada Supreme Court stops the funding of a school voucher scheme

Pretty much everyone from Star Trek publicly backs Hillary Clinton and disses Donald Trump. “Never has there been a presidential candidate who stands in such complete opposition to the ideals of the Star Trek universe as Donald Trump,” they say. Notably missing from the list of names last I checked: Avery Brooks, Nichelle Nichols, Patrick Stewart, and William Shatner. I wouldn’t read much into that, though. 

Trav Momone came to Women in Secularism 4 and conducted a series of interviews for the Bi Any Means podcast

Donald McCarthy at AlterNet says New Atheists screwed up after 9/11 as they “began to align with the very forces that they were reacting against: Christian imperialists aka neoconservatives.” Meeeehhhh I don’t think that’s quiiiiiiite right.

Cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn (“I’m a monster hunter basically.” Ooooh I’m so impressed.) says, “I put Oklahoma way at the top of the list of places that could truly be a habitat for [Bigfoot].”

VICE asks a few experts which candidate they’d want as president when the aliens come to Earth. The phrase “very difficult to predict” comes up a lot. 

Quote of the Day

The Twitter account of the Philae lander on Comet 67P as an astoundingly successful mission comes to an end:

Rosetta? Is that you? 

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