Absolutely No Vaksinenekting

September 4, 2015


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How cool is this: The White House chooses Rebecca Goldstein, honorary board member of CFI, for one of ten National Humanities Awards. She’ll get her medal on September 10 from the president. Congrats!

Kim Davis is told by SCOTUS to do her job, she refuses, and a judge freaking puts her in jail. Judge David Bunning says:

The court cannot condone the willful disobedience of its lawfully issued order. If you give people the opportunity to choose which orders they follow, that’s what potentially causes problems. 

And of course, here come the cries of tyranny as Davis becomes a rightwing martyr. My wife Jessica offers her prophecy:

Prediction: This Kentucky clerk is strategically waiting to cash in. GoFundMe’s from outraged evangelicals just like the doofus pizza proprietors in Indiana, poorly written memoir, FOX news speaking tour. Before 2016 is out she’ll have a line of Precious Moments dolls available only at Hobby Lobby. 

At the CFI blog, Stephen Law wonders if humanism really ought to require naturalism:

There are all sorts of atheist positions that are in tension with naturalism. Mathematicians, for example, are very often mathematical Platonists. They believe mathematics describes, and mathematical propositions are made true by, how things stand in some sort of non-natural mathematical realm. Can such atheist mathematicians be humanists? I’d say so. Why exclude them from the humanist club? 

At Portland Family, Carisa Brewster writes parenting while secular, with a nod to the Secular Parenting Network at CFI-Portland.  

Pope Francis says “gossiping is like terrorism.” As long as we’re not being hyperbolic. 

Alex Salmond, former prime minister of Scotland and current MP, says in a video, “I prefer people of faith to people of no faith or people who have lost their faith.” He should collaborate with Carly Fiorina.

Hungary’s current prime minister, meanwhile, doesn’t want Muslims coming into Europe because “Europe and European culture have Christian roots.”

Police in Edmonton warn of a psychic scam that is spanning Canada

Sid Lipsey at Yahoo rounds up travel sites for seeking out mythical creatures, and, one assumes, disappointment. 

This is what you get when you give to John Oliver’s church, complete with a drawing of a butt. 

Quote of the Day:

CFI and secularist lobbying: HUGE in Norway. The Norwegian Humanist Association profiles CFI’s work in its publication Fritanke.no, and a little bit of confused Google Chrome translating goes a long way to amusing us:

The organization is also clear opponents of allowing vaksinenekting on religious grounds. 

To which our own Ed Beck says:

We need to update our pamphlets: “Reason, science, freedom of inquiry, humanist values, and absolutely no vaksinenekting.” 

(Vaksinenekting actually means “vaccine refusal,” but as a dumb, monolingual American I find other languages funny.) 

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