A Secular Humanist’s Perspective on Health Care Reform

August 19, 2009

This evening I listened to the National Faith Community’s Call to Action discussion which featured representatives from different faith communities , Melody Barnes ( the President’s Domestic Policy Adviser), and President Obama himself.  I liked the things I heard and I was glad to see that elements of the faith community were joining together to use their considerable influence on their members, the general public, and lawmakers in support of health care reform.  

They expressed concern about the rhetoric and misinformation that is being voiced.  They put forth the opinion that we need comprehensive health care and did not speak favorably of insurance companies.  One speaker said that it is not about ideology but about helping people and about who we are as a nation.   The pastor giving the opening prayer asked for what is God’s will saying that she believed it was God’s will for all to have health care. 

President Obama began by saying that all faiths share a moral conviction.  He said that we should look out for each other and be our brother’s keeper.  He stated that every time there have been attempts to make America better there are those who are against change and use fear to oppose it.  He admonished that we need to promote hope and not fear.  He encouraged people to talk to others and spread facts guided by hope and not by fear and to think about the well being of all Americans.

As a Secular Humanist , I, too, share the concern that all people have access to good affordable health care.  I, too, am concerned about the misinformation and blatant lies that are promoting fear and hatred. I agree that it should not be about ideology but about helping people and about who we are as a nation.  I, too, share the same moral conviction that President Obama spoke of.  I agree that we should look out for each other and be our brother’s keeper.   I agree that change has always been resisted by a certain element in our society and that historically they have used fear to sustain that resistance.

As a Secular Humanist , I want the solution to the heath care crisis to be based on solid data and studies which demonstrate what approach is the best for the American people.   I don’t want a plan that is based on any kind of political or economic ideology or religious dogma.  I don’t want a plan that is passed because it is politically expedient. I don’t want a plan that caters to the special interest groups.  I want a plan that is based on good, rock solid facts and analysis as to which will benefit the most people and allow them to have adequate health care not just for our generation but for future generations as well.