Animation script – for comments please

December 17, 2015


Here’s a short animation script – for comments please.

Some suppose reality is divided by a veil. On this side of the veil is the natural, observable world. Beyond the veil lies another realm – of ghosts and spirits, angels and demons, and of course gods. These beings are supposed to inhabit an unobservable, supernatural realm that science can’t touch.

So how do we know such beings are there? Some believe special people – psychics, say, or gurus – can glimpse, if only dimly, through the veil. They can see what’s on the other side. Spiritualists claim they can talk to our dead relatives who have ‘passed over’ to the other side.

Still,  while ghosts, angels, and gods aren’t observable, that doesn’t mean they can’t be scientifically investigated.

After all, subatomic particles, such as electrons, aren’t observable. Yet they can be scientifically investigated.

How? Well, there are certain things we should expect to observe if electrons exist, and shouldn’t expect otherwise. Experimental results can give us good evidence that electrons exist, despite the fact that no one has ever seen an electron.

The distant past of this planet is also unobservable. Yet we can reasonably rule out beliefs about its past, such as the ludicrous Biblical view that god made the entire universe just 6,000 years ago. There’s overwhelming evidence the Earth is much older than that.

And can’t we also know, just by looking around us, that the world is not the creation of an all-powerful and all-evil god? Surely we can. The world would surely look much more horrific if it were created by an evil god. We may not know why the universe exists, but we can be confident, given what we can observe, that it’s not creation of such a demonic being.

The faithful sometimes say, ‘There are more things in heaven and Earth than are dreamed of in your philosophy’. No doubt there are. Still, while we may not know why the universe exists, we can reasonably rule some answers out.

We can reasonably rule out a god that created the universe six thousand years ago. And we can reasonably rule out an all-powerful, all-evil god.

So perhaps we can reasonably rule out an all-powerful, all-good God, too?