Another Abduction/Rape Highlights Glaring Failure of Psychic Detectives

August 27, 2012

I regularly write about the failures of psychic detectives because I believe it’s important to remind the public as often and as loudly as possible what sort of damage these grief vampires do, and lay bare their false claims.

I recently thought of it again when I read an Associated Press story:

“A teenager held captive in a house for more than three years before escaping with a relative’s help initially went there voluntarily but wasn’t allowed to leave when she wanted to go home, an Illinois police chief said Friday. Washington Park Police Chief David Clark said the 19-year-old St. Louis woman bolted from the home Monday and told investigators her time in captivity included almost daily beatings and sexual assaults. One of those attacks resulted in a now-2-year-old boy rescued when a police SWAT team raided the home Thursday and arrested a 25-year-old man and his mother, Clark said.

Clark said the teenager met the man socially ‘‘through someone else when they were partying, and a relationship built,” eventually leading to her visit of his home about the time she was reported missing. He said the man’s mother helped detain the young woman and helped falsify medical records when she bore her son in the first year of her captivity. The teen told investigators the man and his mother coerced her into using a false name when giving birth to conceal that she was under-aged, Clark said. The young woman has told police she repeatedly tried to escape the house, which is on Washington Park’s busiest street and next door to a convenience store, just a half mile from a freeway. But her captor chased her down each time and forced her back to the home at gunpoint, Clark said.”

In a column about psychic detectives for I wrote about the horrific (and very similar) case of Jaycee Dugard:

“Jaycee Dugard, the woman who was abducted at the age of 11 in 1991, was recently discovered living in a virtual prison in the back yard of a couple’s come in Antioch, Calif., as has been widely reported. She had been there for 18 years, confined and horrifically abused, even giving birth to her rapist’s children. They were kept prisoner and isolated, never having attended school or seen a doctor…. If [psychic Dale] Shear’s psychic powers told her that this poor girl was being kept in the most horrific conditions – being subjected to continual sexual and physical abuse for nearly two decades – then it’s puzzling that Jaycee was not found 18 years ago.”

I went on to predict exactly the scenario in Washington Park:

“The fact of the matter is that right now – as you are reading these words – it is virtually certain that somewhere in the world, one or more children are being held in exactly the same unimaginable conditions as Jaycee. Some may die in captivity and be disposed of like trash; others will eventually be freed after untold physical and psychological damage. Yet there are thousands of self-proclaimed psychics and psychic detectives in the world who claim to be able to find missing persons. Some are rich and famous, such as Sylvia Browne, Allison DuBois (inspiration for the NBC show “Medium”), Noreen Renier, and Carla Baron; others are known only locally. If they have the powers they claim, perhaps they should take a break from their TV appearances and lucrative lecture circuits to actually help find these and other desperate missing persons.”

I wish psychic and psychic detectives were forced to explain why and how their psychic powers seem to consistently fail to rescue innocent people in such unimaginably horrific conditions. If these psychics cannot find these missing people, then their psychic powers are worthless; if these psychics can find these people but choose not to, then they are worse than the rapists and murders who commit these crimes.