Little Blue Books
November 26, 2013

You may have seen works in the Little Blue Book series around in bookstores and at garage sales, flea markets, and the like. These small booklets were the result of one man’s desire to turn everyone into a socialist.

Fifty Years Later
November 22, 2013

Today is the anniversary of one of the more tragic and still controversial events in American history: the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Skeptics are still waging a war on those who believe an organized conspiracy took place to kill our nation’s 35th president. There are many, many books on the subject, but the one I was reading recently appears to be one of the most-thorough examinations of the assassination.

“Eighty Years and More”
November 19, 2013

What would have been Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s 198th birthday occurred back on November 12, 2013. When I was reminded of the date, I posted a picture on Facebook of an artifact we have here at the Center for Inquiry Libraries.