Consign Them All to Eternal Destruction
March 27, 2020

Boris Johnson has the coronavirus. We are telling Michigan’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer, that exempting churches from restrictions on social gatherings is simply not gonna fly: This pandemic is in the process of overwhelming every aspect of American life. The only hope we have of enduring this crisis is to slow the disease’s spread by staying …

Secular Group Rebukes Michigan Governor’s Exemptions for Religious Gatherings
March 27, 2020

Press Releases

Exempting churches from statewide prohibitions on public gatherings due to the coronavirus undermines the very purpose of such restrictions, said the Center for Inquiry in a letter to Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, warning that making special exceptions for religious assemblies is both dangerous and constitutionally baseless. An executive order signed by Gov. Whitmer states that “all …

Beat Back the Chaos
March 26, 2020

We are still helping! Yesterday we launched the CFI Coronavirus Resource Center: Inoculation Against Misinformation. It’s our effort to collect, curate, and communicate the most relevant and useful science and reality-based resources for information regarding the coronavirus pandemic, focusing on what we do best, separating facts and science from misinformation and pseudoscience. Go check it …

A New Resource to Inoculate Against Coronavirus Misinformation
March 25, 2020


The public is being inundated by misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic at every level, from blatant internet scams to the false claims of the president of the United States. The Center for Inquiry, as the foundational institution for skeptical inquiry into extraordinary claims of pseudoscience, religion, and the paranormal, is bringing our unique expertise to …

The Dumbest Debate
March 25, 2020

Benjamin Radford offers some guidance on dealing with coronavirus news and information; not just about telling the real from the fake stuff, but also the useful from the trivial. Just as importantly, he reminds us not only to be careful of what we believe, but what we share online, recommending some types of “social media …

A Punishment Inflicted Upon Us For Our Presumptuous Sins
March 24, 2020

What fresh hell does today bring? Trump is feeling antsy about all this social distancing and people not going to his hotels, so he says he wants to get people out and about and infecting each other as soon as possible. You can tell he feels very strongly about it because he’s tweeting the code …

If That’s Not Devilish, I Don’t Know What Is
March 23, 2020

Wow, I bet Sylvia Browne, who “predicted” some kind of outbreak for 2020, is just kicking herself in the afterlife for not being around for the coronavirus. John Blake at CNN reports: The prediction faded from public memory and the book’s author, Sylvia Browne, died in 2013. But the coronavirus pandemic has brought new attention …

Magic Seeds and Spiders in Nutshells
March 20, 2020

Check this out: WE ARE HELPING. The superhero of education, the Avenger of Evolution, Bertha Vazquez, has put together a six-hour guided lesson on evolution for students stuck at home because of the coronavirus…and she’s got two versions of it! One for middle school, another for high school. At Newsweek, Andrew Whalen looks at the …

TIES Offers Free Guided Online Lessons in Evolution for Learning at Home
March 19, 2020


Educators across the country, determined to keep student learning from grinding to a halt as the coronavirus pandemic causes schools to close, have a new resource. The Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Science is offering free, ready-made science lessons in the wonders of evolution, available online for both middle school and high school levels.  “All About Evolution” is …

Compelling Interests for Pansies
March 19, 2020

Let’s start with coronavirus racism! There is apparently a conspiracy theory stating that black people are immune to the virus (obviously false), which of course would be a big surprise to actor and guardian of the Bifrost, Idris Elba: Something that is scaring me, when I read the comments and some of the reactions, my …