“Pikuach Nefesh” vs. “Ready to Lick the Floor”
March 18, 2020

So much of the news today seems to center around one all-important theme: People can’t seem to wrap their heads around how important it is to stay the hell away from each other right now. Just watch Jake Tapper and Sanjay Gupta on CNN as they struggle not to lose their minds over the indifference …

Yes, There Are Crystals
March 17, 2020

We’re having what I am calling a zero-tolerance attitude toward fake medicine profiteering during this crisis. So when our own Nick Little found his beloved Wegmans store hawking homeopathic products during all the disaster-prep shopping, he was having none of it, and sent a message to the CEO: “As you are well aware, we are …

Wegmans Hawking Fake Medicine During Pandemic: CFI Calls Out Retailer for Crassly Irresponsible Profiteering
March 16, 2020

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Wegmans supermarkets are using the confusion and fear surrounding the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to increase its sales of useless homeopathic products, an act of cynicism that the Center for Inquiry is calling out as appalling and irresponsible. Homeopathy is an eighteenth-century pseudoscience in which dangerous substances are diluted to the point that no …

Pus and Globuli
March 16, 2020

The people of Earth seem fascinated by the idea that Sylvia Browne, the late fake-psychic, maybe actually didn’t predict the coronavirus pandemic, as shockingly revealed by our own Benjamin Radford. Newsweek and UK’s Independent report on Ben’s jaw-dropping exposé, which concludes, “So we have a two-sentence prediction written in 2008 by a convicted felon with …

Spin the Black Circle
March 13, 2020

So, everything is terrible, but, like, way more so than usual. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, wife of the Canadian prime minister, has tested positive for the coronavirus. Disneyland and Disney World are closed. American Atheists cancels its convention in Arizona. I was going to be in a play for the first time since dinosaurs ruled the …

Ostracized from the Ostracized
March 12, 2020

I didn’t watch the president’s address last night, but I hear it was…not the best. Anyway, you know what’s going on. Pandemic declared, NBA season suspended, Capitol Hill staffer for Washington’s Sen. Maria Cantwell tests positive for the virus, and of course, the gut-punchiest of all, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson announce they’ve got it, …

Center for Inquiry Warns Supreme Court of Catastrophic Impact of Expanding Ministerial Exception for Religious Employers
March 11, 2020

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Fundamental civil rights and labor protections for countless Americans could be decimated if the Supreme Court sides with religious schools seeking carte blanche to hire and fire whomever they like for whatever reason without consequence. The Center for Inquiry urged the Court against any expansion of the so-called “ministerial exception” in an amicus brief filed …

I’ve Lost Some Sleep Over It
March 11, 2020

The latest episode of our podcast Point of Inquiry has host Jim Underdown talking to Skeptical Inquirer‘s Benjamin Radford about the myths and misinformation about the coronavirus. Share this episode with others, but, you know, don’t share your headphones. Meet Iran’s Abbas Tabrizian, described by followers as “the father of Islamic medicine,” whatever that means. …

The Wreckage Left Behind
March 10, 2020

The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more. See if they could work together when we needed them to to fight the battles we never could. No, not the Avengers, but doctors on Facebook. Jan Hoffman at the New York Times reports on the efforts …

The Rights of Nonbelievers and Iran’s Abuses: CFI at the UN Human Rights Council
March 9, 2020


On March 3 and 9, the Center for Inquiry’s United Nations Advocate, Andreas Kyriacou, delivered statements to the UN Human Rights Council. There, he called for the Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief to bring the “necessary vigor” to addressing the persecution of nonbelievers and secularists around the world, and urged the Council …