Do Not Harm. But First, Nature | Britt Hermes
February 12, 2020


Naturopaths have defined their brand of medicine using a set of “healing” principles that sound pleasant, but really describe an archaic and sometimes twisted understanding of medicine. Having been a former naturopathic “doctor,” I can say that the overwhelming majority of naturopathic care relies extensively on dubious alternative therapies, rather than established protocols based on …

Roadblocks to Good Science
March 23, 2018

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The Center for Inquiry presents Rachael Dunlop, Cara Santa Maria, and Britt Hermes for a conversation on the real and perceived problems in science. What prevents people from understanding or discovering science, the roadblocks that stop good science and research, plus solutions on how to solve these problems. Dr. Rachael Dunlop is a cell biologist focused …

The Bloody Work of “Naturopathic Doctors”
January 12, 2018


Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are actively lobbying for state licensure and broad scopes of practice that would allow them to practice like medical doctors, despite not having completed legitimate medical training. NDs argue that regulating their field ensures public safety. In reality, licensed naturopathic doctors are far more dangerous than their unlicensed counterparts. Join former naturopathic …