Good News: Skeptical Inquirer Is Putting A Few More Women in Its Pages
January 10, 2012

The Skeptical Inquirer has in the past been accused of publishing the writing of only “old white dudes.” SI’s stellar January/February 2012 issue is proof that its gender ratio is slowly but surely evening out.

Standing Up to Gender Bullying
January 9, 2012

Kristen, a woman who works as a shift manager for Gamestop, recently witnessed a father trying to bully his son, age 10–12, out of buying a purple game controller along with a game with a female protagonist. Luckily, the boy’s elder brother, a high school wrestler,  stepped in and stood up to the man. Kristen also comforted the boy by assuring him that “There’s nothing wrong with what you like. Even if it’s different than what people think you should.”