D.C. Government Backs Down from Privileging Churches After Warning Letter from CFI
December 12, 2018


Today, CFI is pleased to announce that the District of Columbia government reversed a recent proposal that would have privileged religious institutions by charging them a lower water services fee than other nonprofit organizations. The Center for Inquiry sent a letter on December 4 warning the D.C. Water and Sewer Authority that special treatment for …

Our future depends on your vote.
November 6, 2018


Please vote on November 6.

October 2018 Office of Public Policy Update
October 31, 2018


October was another busy month for CFI’s Office of Public Policy (OPP).

Anti-Science and Pro-Religious Privilege: Judge Brett Kavanaugh is Worse than We Thought
September 10, 2018

Update: Though CFI believes, based on his past statements and on the phrasing of his answer to Senator Cruz, that Judge Kavanaugh probably does hold an unscientific position on birth control and abortifacients, the evidence is insufficient to make this claim with 100 percent certainty. Although Judge Kavanaugh’s answer doesn’t allow us to determine with certainty …

August 2018 Office of Public Policy Update
September 1, 2018


In August 2018, CFI’s Office of Public Policy engaged policymakers on the following issues:

Center for Inquiry Joins 36 Organizations in Letter to Senate Opposing Kavanaugh
August 28, 2018


The following letter was sent to the U.S. Senate from the Center for Inquiry and 36 other inter-faith and religious liberty organizations. August 27, 2018 Dear Senator: The undersigned 37 national faith-based, nontheist, and religious liberty organizations share a commitment to individual freedom and the separation of religion and government, two of the tenets on …

CFI Advocacy Update — April 2018
April 30, 2018


In April 2018, CFI’s public policy advocacy was mainly focused at the federal level: School Vouchers – When the National Coalition for Public Education (NCPE) alerted its member organizations that the arch-conservatives at Heritage Action for America were promoting legislation that would divert money from public schools in military communities to parents who shift their children to private …

Closing Environmental Research Office Will Jeopardize Americans’ Health, says Center for Inquiry
February 28, 2018

Press Releases

The Center for Inquiry today condemned the decision of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to close the National Center for Environmental Research (NCER) and reassign the Center’s responsibilities to an entity that performs unrelated administrative tasks.