Categories, Gender Identity, and Women’s Sports
September 4, 2019

We categorize things, using general terms to classify a group of objects. Some things are chairs, others tables, and still other things are fish, fruits, or flowers, and so on. We employ categories for a host of practical reasons, including, of course, to facilitate communication and accomplish various objectives efficiently. Categorizing things makes eminent good …

Just War Doctrine and Impeachment
June 4, 2019

I don’t typically refer to Catholic doctrine to support a point I want to make. However, even the Catholic Church can get things right occasionally—and, in this case, its doctrine aligns with common sense and political prudence. First formulated by Augustine, and subsequently reworked by Aquinas and recent Church councils, the Catholic Church’s just war …

Why Skepticism?
July 3, 2017


Ron Lindsay asks, “Why are we here?” That is, why do skeptics and skeptic organizations have conferences, publish magazines, and focus their efforts on “soft targets” like bigfoot and homeopathy? Lindsay pushes back against the cynics and makes the case for the importance of skepticism in bridging the gap between the scientific community and the …

The Future of CFI
December 4, 2015


Ronald A. Lindsay has been the president and CEO of the Center for Inquiry for nearly 7 years. Prior to leading the organization, Lindsay received his Ph.D. from Georgetown University, specializing in bioethics. He also studied at University of Virginia School of Law, and practiced law for 26 years before joining CFI in 2008. His …