Leaving Oppression: A Secular Rescue Story
September 8, 2020

Matthew Cravatta is coordinator of Secular Rescue, a program of the Center for Inquiry that identifies those writers, activists, and everyday citizens in countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Iraq who live under the threat of violence and death and provides financial and diplomatic assistance to help them escape to safety. Jana (an alias) is …

The “Reluctant Activist”: Being Outed as an Atheist in a Muslim-Majority Country
May 29, 2019


Secular Rescue’s mission is predominantly rooted in protecting emboldened atheist activists whose lives have become the targets of extremists because of public or social-media based human rights advocacy. It is relatively easy to spot an activist from a sideliner: nearly all or a majority of activist writing focuses on the inhumanity of hateful intolerance against …