Evolution is for Everyone
September 30, 2020

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Get to know Bertha Vazquez, director of CFI’s TIES program, bringing accessible tools to enable educators across the country to provide a scientifically sound evolution curriculum to their students. She talks about the work of the teacher-run TIES program, as well as how evolution education goes beyond the classroom. A 30-year veteran teacher, Bertha Vazquez …

Conversation with a “Very Funny Lady” – Leighann Lord
July 29, 2020

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The first ever CFI Insider event! Register here for more upcoming CFI Insider free webinars! Leighann Lord, the always funny host of Center for Inquiry’s Point of Inquiry podcast and the upcoming web series Skeptical Inquirer Presents, sat down with CFI’s outreach department to talk about her comedy, activism, and trajectory in the freethought movement. …