Discussing The Coronavirus Outbreak with Dr. Paul Offit
March 16, 2020

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Paul Offit is a pediatrician and an expert on vaccines, immunology, and virology. He is the co-inventor of the rotavirus vaccine recommended for universal use in children by the CDC. Offit is also the director of the Vaccine Education Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He is the author of many scientific papers and …

God’s Own Medicine
July 17, 2017


Paul Offit tackles the timely topic of the opioid epidemic in the United States by first detailing the rich history of opium usage, which dates back thousands of years. While opioid addiction has long been a concern, Offit goes on to argue that our current crisis stems from the modern-day medical profession’s over-willingness to prescribe …

The Philadelphia Measles Epidemic of 1991
August 5, 2016


Accepting the Robert P. Balles Prize in Critical Thinking, Paul Offit provides expert insight into the vaccine debate and shares his experience during the measles epidemic in Philadelphia. Offit, a groundbreaking virologist, was shocked to learn a disease fully preventable by vaccination was reemerging largely due to religious exemptions to vaccinations and many parents’ belief …