Taking Skeptical Activism to a New Level
April 7, 2009

A new guide for skeptical activism includes over 100 ideas for spreading critical thinking

NJ UFO Hoax by Skeptics Proves Point But Raises Questions
April 2, 2009

Should skeptics hoax the public to prove a point, or is that a breach of ethics?

Skeptical of the Skeptics: Questioning Conventional Wisdom
April 1, 2009

A comment about self-esteem research raises questions about challenging popular beliefs

New “Knowing” Film Based on Numerology and Bible Code Pseudoscience
March 19, 2009

The new Nicolas Cage film “Knowing” has roots in numerology and the discredited Bible Code.

Who’s “We,” White Man?  Or, The Media’s Mythical Majority
March 9, 2009

Lazy writers use phrases like “We are obsessed with celebrity” in news and media reports, making incorrect overgeneralizations

Strange Responses to a Skeptical Article
March 3, 2009

Three readers commented on a recent skeptical article about the paranormal; none were very happy.

Does Viewing Evidence of a Crime Injure the Victim?
February 24, 2009

The president of the NCMEC claims that viewing evidence of a crime re-injures the victim. Truth or hype?

Borneo’s Lake Monster Photos: Legend Come to Life? Or Hoax?
February 19, 2009

I examine two new photos of a huge snake-like creature allegedly taken in Borneo.

Kashi Food Developer Karen Moyer Discovers Vanilla!  (Stupid TV Commercial Spotlight)
February 13, 2009

In TV ads, Kashi food developer Karen Moyer travels the world searching for common spices! (Stupid TV Commercial Spotlight)

When Study Results Have Morally Uncomfortable Implications
February 5, 2009

Scientific research is very important and valuable, but can sometimes have uncomfortable moral implications