Taking Courage from Darwin | Richard Dawkins
December 17, 2019


Compare two ways of knowing the world. On the one hand theologians claim that the universe and all that’s in it was divinely made and can be understood through faith and revelation. On the other hand there is science, and the scientific method which extols evidence, and demonstrated, repeatable outcomes. Science knows a lot, but …

Stephen Fry and Richard Dawkins in Conversation
February 22, 2019

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Stephen Fry and Richard Dawkins, two of the most respected minds in their respective fields, sit together on the CSICon stage to discuss science, religion, politics, and more. Stephen Fry is an English actor, screenwriter, author, playwright, journalist, poet, comedian, television presenter, film director and all round national treasure. Stephen’s new book, Mythos, his unique retelling …

Richard Dawkins and Richard Wiseman In Conversation on Atheism, Evolution, and his books
April 27, 2018

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Richard Dawkins is considered one of the leading voices on secularism and atheism and is the best-selling author of The Selfish Gene, The God Delusion, his autobiography, and many more key pieces of scientific literature. The Atheism movement is steadily growing in America and Richard Dawkins is one of its top thinkers. The Center for …

A Conversation with Richard Dawkins
May 1, 2017

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In a special live presentation at CSICon 2016 in Las Vegas, Richard Dawkins is joined by magician Jamy Ian Swiss for an unscripted and spirited conversation covering a wide range of topics, including skepticism’s history in stage magic, what it means to be a skeptic versus other identifying labels, finding the beauty in science, and …