Religion and Xenophobia
February 12, 2012

It’s not the fault of atheists. Religious people are more distrusting of anyone too different.

How Unnatural Is Religion?
January 27, 2012

For a belief system about the unnatural, religion is trying to keep it pretty natural.

The Tebow Effect
January 12, 2012

What effect is Tim Tebow having on the rest of us?

A New Year’s Resolution: Admit You are an Atheist
December 31, 2011

For so many people, it’s really about time.

Naturalism vs. Supernaturalism: Framing the Debate
December 14, 2011

Setting the initial framework of a debate is often the key to victory.

Who Trusts Gallup Polls about Religion?
December 2, 2011

Not the nontheist segment of the population, gone undercounted for decades.

Proving God’s Existence is Impossible So Stop Trying
November 16, 2011

Atheists and agnostics should stop saying “Well, there could be a proof that God exists, if….”

Secularism and Religion – Where’s the Fight?
November 10, 2011

Let’s not permit militant religionists to distort or destroy the precious heritage of secularism.

Secular Humanism Greets the Seven Billionth Person
November 1, 2011

Welcome, seven-billionth baby! What can secular humanism do for you?

Harvard Prof. Alan Dershowitz on Secularism
October 21, 2011

Law Professor Alan Dershowitz gives a talk on “Secular Society and its Enemies.”