Beyond the “Issues”: The Personal Skeptical Existence | Troy Campbell
March 13, 2020


Being a skeptic is not just about correcting others and protesting for science, it is a daily and very personal thing. Professor Troy Campbell looks beyond “the issues” at the rich beautiful existence of being a skeptic. Skepticism is an orientation toward the world, where you just keep asking more questions and looking for more …

Battling Bias in Scientific Communication | Troy Campbell
March 27, 2019


What are the underlying forces that drive biases around science and how can we fight against them? This talk will explore: Why We Actually Change – :10 Limits of Rhetoric – 3:20 Tools for Change – 3:59 Solution Aversion – 7:00 Implication Management – 11:15 Flight From Facts – 13:05 Power of Social Comparison – …