What’s next, Moses’ Red Sea Water Park?
December 1, 2010

The creationist theme park will feature a 500 foot-long replica of Noah’s Ark containing live animals…

Power Balance Bracelets a Bust in IIG Test
November 11, 2010

Do Power Balance bracelets perform under testing conditions? The Independent Investigations Group at CFI-L.A. finds out.

An Immodest Proposal for Ground Zero
August 26, 2010

Our record in the Muslim-Christian feud is clean. We are neither Montague nor Capulet.

Matthew 7:1
January 26, 2010

A recent article in the L.A. Times reconfirms that millions of dollars from churches helped pass Proposition 8.

Pat Robertson Is a Nut
January 15, 2010

Pat, having buildings crush and maim thousands and thousands of human beings is never a blessing…

The Relocation of Awe
January 12, 2010

When asked why he attended Catholic Church during his yearly visits to France, Paul Kurtz often said that he likes to see…

To Beanie, Or Not To Beanie?
December 14, 2009

As the Chanukah season approaches, I’m reminded of my regular moments of discomfort when any Jewish holiday approaches.

The (Even) Newer Atheist Approach: A Letter to Kirk Cameron from an Atheist and a Skeptic
October 29, 2009

Dear Kirk, We met last night at the Beverly Hills library after I officially “responded” to David Berlinski’s talk…

Death from Faith
October 15, 2009

We of the evidence-based community are well aware of the diversity of religious belief out there, but sometimes the contrary…

A Secular Memorial
September 23, 2009

One man’s version of how to bury the secular dead…