To Beanie, Or Not To Beanie?
December 14, 2009

As the Chanukah season approaches, I’m reminded of my regular moments of discomfort when any Jewish holiday approaches.

The (Even) Newer Atheist Approach: A Letter to Kirk Cameron from an Atheist and a Skeptic
October 29, 2009

Dear Kirk, We met last night at the Beverly Hills library after I officially “responded” to David Berlinski’s talk…

Death from Faith
October 15, 2009

We of the evidence-based community are well aware of the diversity of religious belief out there, but sometimes the contrary…

A Secular Memorial
September 23, 2009

One man’s version of how to bury the secular dead…

Dirty Scientology Tricks in Hollywood…?
June 18, 2009

Is Scientology abusing film permits to quash protests?

Dear Steve Harvey…
June 13, 2009

What do you do when a famous comedian calls you an idiot?

By the way… I’m Crazy.
June 11, 2009

We know that sane people sometimes have odd experiences… but some people are just nuts.

Feng Shui for California Nurses?
May 28, 2009

The Board of Nursing here green-lighted a class to teach anthropomancy — the divination of the future by reading human entrails

California Marriage Remains Respectable
May 26, 2009

Court stops short of true house-cleaning…

The 9 Circles of Atheist Hell
May 8, 2009

“Hell in my imagination is a location that has something to do with being forced to participate in religion. (Ironic, ain’t it?)