Mick West and Escaping the Rabbit Hole: Review
October 23, 2018

Mick West might just be the consummate gentleman debunker. After devoting the past fifteen years to online educational projects such as,, and, he has released a new book that gives much-needed hope in an area skeptics too often shy away from as hopeless. It’s easy to see conspiracy theorists as some kind …

Lessons to Learn from Canadian Susan the Bridezilla
September 14, 2018

Canadian Susan swept the social media headlines this past week with her jaw-dropping tale of entitled, inappropriate rage at not getting free money from her friends and family to fund her $60,000 dream wedding. I, like many, read the screenshots with that familiar sense of tingling schadenfreude that good gossip elicits—and really, it was a …

Outrage Vampires versus Breastfeeding Moms
July 17, 2018

How Our Desire to Help Can Profit Hoaxers and Result in Harm A fury-inducing video announcing itself as a “social experiment” showed up on my feed recently, posted by a well-meaning skeptic who has always been on the right side of social justice causes. But far from being a touchstone that can help elevate society …