Birth control battle in Revere – The Boston Globe

September 6, 2009

iStock_000008605569XSmall.jpg All you have to do is read the headline and it’s a pretty safe assumption that the article isn’t about a battle between opposing secularists or scientists or women’s rights groups. You don’t have to read far to confirm that it’s a Reverend Smuckity Schmuck from some Born-of-a-Virgin Parish.

But the policy infuriates Magno and others such as the Rev. George Szal of Revere’s Immaculate Conception Parish. Szal said he has urged the 2,100 families that attend his church to sign the ballot petition.

“I think it’s a big mistake,’’ said Szal. “The problem is they’re saying go ahead and do what you want, just don’t make trouble for us by getting a disease or getting pregnant. And the fact of the matter is condoms don’t always work; they leak. And kids discover you lose half the pleasure when you’re using an instrument like that.

“Contraceptives are dangerous, especially for girls who are still developing, and the morning-after pill is a euphemism for an abortive action.’’

[From Birth control battle in Revere – The Boston Globe ]

It’s sure good to know that the celibate priests have our kids’ backs. Come on, only half the pleasure? The church wants better for its young sinners than that!