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Broken Dishes

August 13, 2020

Bloomberg profiles Dr. Zubin Damania, the anti-anti-vaxxer “health-care avenger” making viral videos as “ZDoggMD.”

The head of the Genesis II “church” in Florida, Mark Grenon, who was banned from selling a bleach-based “miracle mineral solution” as a cure for COVID-19, was arrested in Colombia and faces extradition back here.

The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene traces about 6000 hospitalizations and at least 800 deaths to medical misinformation about COVID-19.

Gizmodo “WTF’s” at streaming device company Roku for showcasing anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theory material on its content listings.

A coalition of consumer protection groups are urging the FTC and FDA to take action against Joseph Mercola’s snake oil operation over the claims that his crap can treat or cure the coronavirus.

Narendra Modi’s government promoted homeopathy to treat COVID-19. Five members of Modi’s cabinet have COVID-19.

The Guardian profiles COVID-19 database mastermind Rebekah Jones, who the governor of Florida fired for, you know, being right. Particularly appalling are the tabloid-like attacks from the governor over her competence and personal life.

Rolling Stone: Conspiracy groups have co-opted the hashtag #SavetheChildren from, you know Save the Children or actually saving children.

NYT reports on how Russian media worked to blow up the story that racial justice protesters were burning Bibles, which the right in U.S. ate right up.

The Intercept looks at the use of a pseudoscientific lie-detection method by some police departments, the evaluation of “microexpressions.”

Oh no: A cable broke at the Arecibo Observatory causing a huge gash in the reflector dish.

The Secular Democrats of America will hold an online event during the Democratic National Convention with a lot of familiar folks including Reps. Huffman and Raskin, Ann Druyan, Greg Epstein, and more.

Atheist Kelda Roys, a former Wisconsin state representative, just won her primary for the state senate, and will likely be elected in November.

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