But he’s really serious about converting to Islam

August 28, 2014

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(Note: Paul is on vacation, or at least that’s the rumor he’s been spreading. Today’s guest Heretic is Stef McGraw.)  

The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry has announced that it is presenting the Robert P. Balles Annual Prize in Critical Thinking to Dr. Paul Offit. For those unfamiliar, not only has his vaccinology and immunology work saved countless lives, but he’s taken to fighting against the alternative medicine movement with his book Do You Believe in Magic? The Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine.

And if you’re in the area, he’s coming to speak to CFI HQ in Amherst, NY on September 6th!

Scientific studies have been plagued by a lack of diversity for a long time, which hurts both the integrity of the studies themselves and those who aren’t white males (who, for instance, may end up taking a drug whose effects were only tested on white males). Luckily, the FDA has recognized this problem and is taking steps to improve it.

In not-so-good science news, Doubtful News explains how a U.S. doctor is claiming to have a homeopathic cure for Ebola…by cellphone. What?

Gray’s homeopathic remedies have been made into electronic form that can be played for just 10 seconds over a cellphone! Sounding like mere white noise, the frequencies played actually help to heal, he claims.

Sounds legit.

The Friendly Atheist covers a story about a pastor in Georgia who seems to think that Jesus would want him to display a large, obnoxious LED sign for his church more than he would want him to obey the law and put up a slightly smaller, obnoxious LED sign for his church.

So…O.J. Simpson is converting to Islam. I don’t think I can give any commentary that tops this:

Simpson has been studying the Koran but failed to successfully fast during the holy month of Ramadan.

An inside said: ”O.J. didn’t quite make it through the entire fasting process.

”He cheated during the day, and bought snacks from the prison canteen. But he’s really serious about converting to Islam. O.J. even made himself a prayer rug for his prison cell. He really likes the idea that upon converting to Islam, all of his previous sins are forgiven. O.J. has a lot to be forgiven for.” 

Meanwhile, an Oregon inmate is teaming up with the American Humanist Association to fight for his right to form a humanist study group behind bars, just as Christians, Buddhists, and Muslims (even O.J. Simpson) have the right to do.

In pretty unshocking news, the terrible Greece v. Galloway SCOTUS decision has ended up paving the way for the Town of Greece to discriminate against atheists and other religious minorities. 

And in even more unshocking news, virginity pledges can make men confused about sex!

Quote of the Day

Dr. Paul Offit — vaccine expert, advocate, and author: 

“The question becomes, which is the conservative and which is the radical decision? I think the more radical choice, frankly, is not to give the vaccine.”


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