Mormon Spray, Geriatric God, Sarah Silverman & Jesus
July 11, 2018

Why are the religious so irritating?? Mormons are invading at the moment and I can’t spray for them 🙁 Shaun Does Shark Tank know about this anti-Mormon spray? I may want a piece of that action. Short of poisoning proselytizers who visit your home, consider asking the cherry-faced young chaps in for a talk. Ask …

Christian Nation? A loving God? Agnostics in Foxholes?
July 4, 2018

Happy 4th of July everyone… and as George Carlin once said, “Let’s get right into the heavy sh#@.” Is the U.S. a Christian Nation? R. Frapples Yes and no. It is in the sense that the largest religion is Christianity, but if you mean was the U.S. founded as a Christian country, then the answer …

Sex with the Unchurched, Atheist for Trump, Benny Buck$
June 27, 2018

As a general rule, is sex with an atheist better? Let me know. —Curious in Kentucky (This question was asked in one form or another multiple times…) The answer is yes. Much better. Much much better. Let’s put it this way: I’m sure there are plenty of believers who can raise the old flag, if …

Nature vs. Nurture, Verified Miracles(?), and Why do you hate God?
June 20, 2018

I don’t hate God, Homer Simpson, or any other fictional character. Though I have seen Homer Simpson.